Maryland/Florida State- High Five/Low Five

Despite a hard fought effort against FSU, the Terps lost both the game and their ACC title hopes.

High Five

1. Hard fought battle

The Terps played tough the entire game. It went down to the wire. The score is a little misleading because of the late interception for a touchdown, but the Terps were neck and neck with the Seminoles for 60 minutes. They never rolled over and they can hang their heads on that.

2. Running Game

The running game showed up pretty strong this week. The Terps racked up a total of 163 yards. The backs looked good. Da’Rell Scott led the team with 87 yards and averaged 8.7 yards per carry, while Davin Meggett rushed for 72 yards with an average of 6.5. The offensive line also deserves credit for the effective running game.

3. Kenny Tate

Tate continued his dominance in the secondary. He intercepted a Christian Ponder pass that led to field goal and pitched in with seven tackles. With his consistent play week in and week out you can make the case that he is one of the top safeties in the nation.

4. Uniforms

The Terps’ uniforms were vicious. They showed their support for the Wounded Warrior Project by wearing black jerseys and pants with camouflage along the sides. They also wore black helmets with Terps written on them. They were intense to say the least.

5. Trick Play

Maryland was faced with a fourth down inside Florida State territory and they decided to go for it. O’Brien showed his acting skills by pretending to seem confused and about to call a timeout. Trying to catch the defense off guard they snapped the ball to D.J. Adams who ran for the first down. Florida State was not surprised and was able to stop Adams from having a big run. It was a gutsy call, but I like it.

Low Five

1. ACC title hopes demolished

The outcome of this game was more than just an L in the loss column. It meant that Maryland’s hopes of an ACC title went out the window. They needed to win their final two games to reach the ACC Championship and they couldn’t get the job done. That’s tough to swallow.

2. Florida State’s big plays

Big plays can kill a team; Maryland found that out the hard way. Following the Terps’ first field goal they let Chris Thompson run 70 yards for a touchdown on the Seminoles’ first play. Later in the game Bert Reed caught a short pass, but was able to run for 44 yards into the end zone. Then, of course, there was Nick Moody’s 96-yard interception return for a touchdown, which sealed the deal for Florida State.

3. 2nd Half Play Calling

James Franklin, the head coach in waiting, was not very imaginative. The Terps took no shots down the field and played a rather boring game in the second half. They had no big plays and were able to scrounge up only 3 points.

4. Punting Team Miscue

It wasn’t technically Cameron Chism’s fault, but the punt did hit him in the back. Florida State recovered the ball and were able to get a field goal out of it. It was an extremely unlucky event for Chism and pretty big downer.

5. Referees

The refs blew the call on Greg Reid’s interception. They even did a video review and still decided Reid caught the ball. It was pretty obvious the ball had hit the ground, not really sure what the refs saw to make that call. There was also a false start call on Florida State’s missed field goal, which allowed them to re-kick it successfully.

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