Maryland/NC State- High Five/Low Five

TSR looks back at the high five and low five from Saturday's win over NC State.

High Five

1. Torrey Smith

The guy is unreal. He had 14 catches for 224 yards and four touchdowns. He’s the master of the big play and came up with crucial catches right when Maryland needed them. It’s possible that he might go to the NFL next year; if he does his last game at Byrd Stadium will be pretty memorable.

2. Danny O’Brien

He had the game of his life. His four touchdowns tied his career high and his 417 yards, also a career high, was the most a Maryland quarterback had thrown for since Scott Milanovich threw for 498 back in 1993. This kid is good and the future of Maryland football looks bright.

3. Defense

The defense got the job done, especially in the second and third quarters. The coverage was efficient. Considering the fact that Russell Wilson threw the ball 60 times, they only allowed him to complete 31 of them. Sophomore Eric Franklin intercepted one of Wilson’s passes and ran it back to the Wolfpack’s 3-yard line. The pick led to the Terps second touchdown. The safeties played great again; Antwine Perez forced and recovered a fumble and Kenny Tate blocked a field goal.

4. Sent the seniors out with a bang

What better way to finish your home career with a W. The last home game is always a special one and the victory made it even sweeter. This is the last time they’ll play at Byrd Stadium and they will always be able to say they won their last game there.

5. Played spoiler to N.C. State

The Terps knew coming into this game that they had no chance of playing in the ACC Championship. They could have easily came out flat, but instead they decided to ruin N.C. State’s opportunity to play for the championship. Either way Maryland was going to a bowl game, but they finished the season on a high note and as a result helped the team that beat them last week, Florida State, reach the conference championship game.

Low Five

1. Running Game

The running game was nonexistent. Maryland rushed the ball 20 times for a grand total of -9 yards. The fact that they lost yards running the ball and were still able win the game is wild. It came to a point where they just gave up on the run and relied solely on the arm of O’Brien.

2. Sealing the deal/Closing the door

Maryland went up 38-17 with six and a half minutes lefts after Smith’s 71-yard touchdown. On the ensuing possession N.C. State drove down the field to get within 2 scores. Then they recovered the onside kick and scored again. The second time around the Terps’ hands team got it done and recovered the onside kick. They ran out the clock and survived the scare.

3. Unable to recover forced fumbles

Although Perez had a fumble recovery, the Terps forced three other fumbles. They were unable to recover any of them. Two of the fumbles occurred on possessions that N.C. State scored touchdowns. If the game was any closer Maryland would have been in trouble.

4. Penalties

They were penalized nine times for a total of 92 yards compared to N.C. State’s two flags for 20 yards. The Terps had a couple unsportsmanlike conducts and personal fouls that hurt the team. The offensive line chipped in with their share of penalties, committing both false starts and holdings.

5. Saying Goodbye to the Seniors

I know they still have their bowl game to play, but this was their last regular season game and last game at Byrd Stadium. I said it before that it was great they were able to get one last win, but it’s still bittersweet. Six of the seniors are starters, which will be a big loss for the team, but the presence of the entire senior class will be missed.

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