Thomas Getting A Lot of Looks

WR Ian Thomas has huge play making potential and will be visiting Maryland.

Ian Thomas, a WR from Franklin High (Reisterstown, MD) may just be the next big receiver prospect to come out of Maryland, and all the attention he's receiving doesn't faze him at all. In fact, when asked about his biggest strength, he confidently pointed to his playmaking ability, stating that, “I love when the lights come on and it's time to play.”

With the wide array of power schools beginning to show interest in Thomas, it is no doubt that he will get his chance to shine. That is, after he finishes his remaining year of high school. Yes, this standout receiver, who is entertaining offers from the likes of Maryland, UCONN, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Penn State, Ole Miss and Boston College, is only a junior.

This 6'1 187 pound playmaker came within 15 yards of achieving a 1,000 yard receiving season this past year. More astounding however, is the fact that he accumulated these yards on only 49 receptions; meaning he averaged a tad over 20 yards per reception. Clearly this young man's stats back up his title as a playmaker.

Thomas has showed interest in his hometown school, and planned on attending the Junior Day that was held by Maryland this past weekend. But, with the shocking news of now former defensive coordinator Don Brown leaving for UCONN announced this past Friday, Thomas and his coach decided not to attend. According to his coach, says Thomas, they will be heading to Maryland in the next week or two.

Aside from his upcoming visit to Maryland, Thomas is planning on taking visits to Penn State, Rutgers and mentioned possibly going out to Stanford this April. As we can see from his Stanford plans, distance is not much of an issue in his decision. Says Thomas, “It is not really important to me to stay close to home. I'll go anywhere. I just want to get a good education and play football.”

Thomas is a very driven young man, listing speed training, weightlifting and stair exercises among his plans to improve over this upcoming summer. He also stated that he wants to work on his leadership skills, claiming that his coach has pulled him aside and asked him to be a leader on his team next season. In terms of camps, he mentioned Miami, Ohio State and USC as programs he will likely be working out for.

Thomas has been contacted by, but has not received offers from schools such as Virginia, Miami, NC State, Michigan and Michigan State. According to Ian, he has been receiving mail from Maryland about once a week and hopes to begin speaking to the staff there soon.

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