‘Family Atmosphere' Inspires Pfirman's Choice

2012 commit Tierney Pfirman discusses how she decided to come to Maryland.

Like most top-rated Division I prospects, 2012 Maryland commit Tierney Pfirman can rattle off an impressive and lengthy list of reputable programs that had been vying for her commitment during the recruiting process.

Iowa State, Northwestern, Florida, North Carolina State, Vanderbilt, Rutgers, Villanova, Ohio State, Notre Dame,” Pfirman recalled, stopping to take a breath. “And there's more, but I'll just stop there,” she said, laughing.

However, for the 6'2'' junior from South Williamsport High School - who had been averaging 30 points per game this season before suffering a stress fracture on her fibula - it was not a very tough decision.

Pfirman, who prizes transition game and unselfish play, had long identified with head coach Brenda Frese's program and style of play, but was ultimately swayed by the team's lauded 'family atmosphere,' which she says she could sense from the very beginning of the recruiting process.

“They all talked to me,” Pfirman said of the Maryland coaching staff. “A couple colleges that I had been talking to, only their recruiting coach talked to me, no head coaches involved or anything.” Such conscientious communication fostered respect and admiration in Pfirman, whose immediate impression was that the Terrapin coaches “all want the best for each player.”

“They're very dedicated to their job,” she added. “And for that, I think they can make me the best player that I'm capable of becoming.”

Pfirman proceeded to spend the weekend of February 5 and 6 with the team in College Park, visiting with them that Saturday and watching from the stands as they defeated NC State on Sunday. The visit solidified Pfirman's appreciation for the program, and allowed her the invaluable opportunity to experience for herself the team's camaraderie.

“When I hung out with the girls when I went down there, they were all very close,” said Pfirman. “They all joke around with each other, they have a good time off the court. They're best friends off the court and they're teammates on the court.”

“I don't know, it's just fun to be around,” Pfirman concluded, laughing as she acknowledged how difficult such an environment - one of genuine and unwavering closeness - is to define; the rarity and power of these intangible connections make them nearly impossible to articulate.

But whether that 'family atmosphere' means doing extra sprints and shouting encouragement alongside struggling teammates during grueling preseason workouts or piling on top of walk-on Sequoia Austin, animatedly celebrating as she is awarded a full scholarship, the Terps' support for each other surely permeates everything they do.

And Pfirman will now be a member of this passionate, driven, and family-like community, as she verbally committed immediately following the game on February 6.

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