Breneman Checks On Terps

Adam Breneman is expected to be one of the most heavilty recruited athletes in the state of Pennsylvania for 2013.

Adam Breneman is expected to be one of the top players in Pennsylvania's 2013 class. He has a number of schools calling on him, including Maryland. The 6-5, 220-pound Breneman already has some early options, but Maryland figures to be in good standing. So far, College Park has been a frequent stop for him. He also came in for Monday's win over Miami.

"It was a great visit (Monday), that's my third time (going to Maryland)," Breneman said. "I took two unofficial visits before, just to see the coaches. I have some cousins that just graduated from Maryland. Talking to them, they talk about how much different it is under coach (Randy) Edsall, about Maryland football and what he's done since he got here.

"I went up with my head coach, my mom, my dad and my brother. I met with Coach Dunn and Coach Crowton. After the game, they took me into the locker room with the team. It was awesome to see how excited they were after such a huge win, and it was the first win with Coach Edsall. It was also my first game at Maryland, and the atmosphere was unbelievable."

Maryland's uniforms used on Monday—one of the many Under Armour variations they will sport this season—have been talked about widely this week. It was one of the first things Breneman talked about, when recapping what he likes about the school.

"I love the uniforms," Breneman added. "I like them. They're pretty sweet."

That's not all he likes about Maryland. He's put some time into thinking where he might fit in on offense.

"They recruited me as a tight end," Breneman said. "They definitely want to use me a lot split out at the slot. I play a lot of wide receiver. At 6-5, 220, I have the frame to be able to put on some weight and become a more traditional tight end. I really like way Coach Crowton and Coach Dunn make plays for the tight end position. Their tight end now, caught the ball quite a few times (against Miami)."

Breneman opened the season, helping his Cedar Cliff team to a 45-14 win over Elizabethtown. Breneman caught five passes for 157 yards. He also blocked a punt on special teams and had a sack on defense.

In terms of visits, Breneman plans to be at the Penn State-Alabama game on Saturday. He also hopes to get to games at Notre Dame, Virginia and Rutgers.

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