Gallo Even More Impressed With Maryland

P.J. Gallo talks about his experience at Maryland's win over Miami last week, the start of his senior season, and when he might make it to another Maryland game.

P.J. Gallo committed to Maryland over the summer. He chose the Terps because he could sense the program was heading in the right direction, and it was something he wanted to be a part of. Those sentiments echoed loudly when he attended Maryland's season-opening win on Labor Day.

"It was an awesome night; just going down and talking to a lot of the coaches," Gallo said. "I talk to them more and more every time I go down. The game was awesome. I thought that Maryland played extremely well. I thought their offense looked good. I thought their defense looked good. They utilize the tight ends a lot which is awesome. I thought their passing game was great."

While the rest of the nation seemed surprised by Maryland's win, Gallo and the rest of the commits in attendance were not. In fact, in his dealings with the coaching staff, everything they sold him on was coming to fruition in the first game right before his eyes.

"What Coach Edsall has done with that program is really awesome, and that's just one game," Gallo said. "Just think of what he's going to do over the course of a few years. It's going to be real exciting.

"I had a funny feeling that they would (beat Miami); just by the things that the coaches had been saying (heading into the game), and the way Coach Edsall has talked very highly of all the changes that are going on in this new era. It's pretty cool, and I knew some special things were about to happen. It's a really big reason why I decided to commit there."

Gallo also had a chance to meet some of the players in his recruiting class. He senses they're all on the same page.

"Yeah, you can say that," Gallo added. "It's just good getting to put a name to a face, knowing that you're going to be working real hard with them for the next four or five years. It's good.

"I met a couple kids. I talked to Brock Dean once before. I kind of sat with him at the game. That was cool. Roman Braglio, I talked to him for a little bit, and I talked to some other kids. It was good to get to know them a little bit."

He doesn't think he'll be at the West Virginia game on Saturday, but he is hopeful of getting to a few other games this fall.

"I don't know which games I'm going to go to, but I would like to go down to a couple more games," Gallo said. "I'll probably go to a game in the middle of the season, then a game towards the end of a season. I'm not quite positive which games yet."

Gallo has helped his Council Rock South team to a 2-0 start—a 42-20 win over Central Bucks South in the opener, and a 35-34 win over Father Judge in week two. His team hasn't thrown much, but Gallo has two catches for 22 yards. On defense, he has totaled 23 tackles and a sack.

"That's been the year so far," Gallo said. "We're doing well, and hopefully continue the success."

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