ACC Teleconference Transcript

Maryland head coach Randy Edsall previews the Towson game.

"We've got Towson here at home, and we're looking forward to getting out and playing and improving in all aspects of the game, and have a great deal of respect for Rob and what he's done there at Towson in such a short period."

What are some of the pros and cons of burning so many red shirts this early in the season? What are those three new I cans you're playing Saturday show you this week to dictate that?
"As a coach, the job of what I'm supposed to do is to make sure that I have our best people on the field that gives us the best opportunity to win. As I evaluate our team and these young men, I just hope it gives us an opportunity to be able to win. I think in this day and age of football, that's what my job is. That's what I do."

Will they all be playing special teams or could they play at their natural positions as well?
"Well, they're basically in the two deep, so they're one play away from playing in a ballgame at their positions. But feel that they can help us on special teams. This way they get experience on the field if and when that call would come for them to get in and play on defense."

Forgive me being the guy that didn't get to see any of your games Saturday. It was such a downer after a couple of pretty strong efforts. Again, as an outsider who didn't see it, was it a case of Temple that good or you guys had a let down after two good weeks?
"No, Temple is a good football team. Give them credit. They're a good football team, and we didn't play the way that we're capable of playing. I think that's why the score was what it was at the end.

Is it easy or hard to bounce back from a game like that?
"I expect us to bounce back. How you go about doing that, you come back and you look at the film and make the corrections and put it behind you and go out and work harder next week. That's what we try to do each and every week. Try to go and make yourself better for the next game, and that's what we've been all about this week."

Talk about the move of Cody Blue and what he's shown you, and could he possibly get on the field?
"What I stated before, my job is to evaluate all of our young men on our roster and work to get the best people on the field. After evaluating Cody, we felt he's a young man that could help us through the defensive line because we've suffered through some injuries in those positions."

So, again, we just felt he was a young man that was going to give us an opportunity to help us win at that position.

Coach, by any chance, do you have any other changes? You've had a lot of change this is week?
"No, I mean, the changes that we have are indicated on the depth chart. They're all there on the depth chart."

It looked like if there was a bright spot in the Temple game, Demetrius Hartsfield might have been one. He had 17 tackles. Tell me about the way he played and how he's progressing?
"Well, Demetrius did make a lot of tackles. Made a lot of plays in that game for us. You know, I think he's a young man that's getting better with each game that he's playing in. He's getting more comfortable in the scheme that we're playing. I just see a progression of him getting better each and every week."

What are his best assets in the position he plays?
"Well, he's smart. He understands concepts. He is a big guy that can run, and he's a guy that has a knack for finding the football."

What are the marching orders and things you're focusing on the most this week coming off that game last Saturday?
"We're trying to get better in every phase. Offensively, defensively, and special teams. That is kind of our MO each and every week. We just want to improve in every phase. Because, again, every week you can always get a little bit better in every different scenario with what you do offensively, defensively, and on special teams. So that is what the focus is."

Coach, after a few more practices under your belt, how have you seen the kids react and come back?
"I thought the practice has been very good on Sunday and yesterday and very focused. I expect us to go out and play a good game."

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