Brooker Impressed With Maryland

There's no offers yet for Philadelphia (PA) receiver and defensive back Myles Brooker. He did send his 2011 highlight film to several schools he was interested in. Maryland was one of the first schools to answer.

College coaches have told Myles Booker to send them film of the first few games of his senior year. Two of those schools include Pitt and Maryland. After the first four games, Booker—a receiver and cornerback for Germantown (PA)—doesn't have an offer yet. He has seen some interest pick up from a few schools.

In four games, Booker has four interceptions on defense, four total touchdowns in addition to 20 catches for 400 yards receiving.

"I think I got off to a pretty good start," Brooker said. "As far as recruiting, I met with a couple of the Pitt coaches when I was with Will (Parks) I talked with Maryland last week."

In fact, Maryland seems to have taken a slight edge. When Brooker sent out some initial highlight films, he said that Maryland assistant John Dunn was one of the first coaches to contact him.

"With Maryland, it was me and coach (Kelly) Cottle talking about what we should do as a gameplan (for recruiting)," Brooker said. "I left a message for Maryland, and they called me back in five minutes. They called later; told me to call ‘ASAP.' It was Coach Dunn. He told me he saw my highlight tape, and he asked what positions I play."

The contact from Dunn inspired Brooker in a whole new way.

"The whole thing with Maryland, it makes me want to work that much harder," Brooker said. "(Dunn) asked me what positions I play. I told him, ‘on both sides of the ball.' He said he wanted to get me down there this fall for one of their games."

There's still a ways to go with his recruiting, but already after sending out some film of the first few games of his senior season, Brooker is starting to get some very promising feedback.

"Maryland, that was actually one school that I was looking at as just a regular student," Brooker said. "Coach Cottle has been talking to me all season. He keeps telling me to do what I have to do, and the schools are going to come. There's still work to be done, but I am happy people are starting to recognize me."

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