Moseley is Ready to go for Terps

TSR catches up with women's basketball freshman Brene "Bones" Moseley.

Being the lone true freshman on a team is never easy. Freshmen need to learn to balance college life and student athlete life very quickly, and not having a teammate going through the same thing can make it more challenging. However, for Maryland women's basketball freshman Brene “Bones” Moseley, it is just another obstacle to conquer.

Moseley knows all about obstacles. Before she even arrived at Maryland, she had to overcome one of the most feared injuries for student athletes - a torn ACL. She missed her entire senior season in high school, which led to a long rehab to get back to full strength.

“I wasn't cleared until June, so my first time really working out was once I got on campus,” said Moseley. “[Strength and conditioning coach Kyle Tarp] was very patient with me, but I also got a lot stronger and faster and I started to get a lot of my speed and quickness back from working out with him.”

“Sitting out was hard, because I love the game so for me to just sit out for a whole year was hard for me and it was definitely a lifestyle adjustment,” she added. “I'm just excited to be able to play; to be able to run up and down the court again is just exciting for me.”

While she is anxious to get back to playing in games, Moseley - a point guard - knows she has a lot to learn. However, she realizes how lucky she is to have a mentor in senior Anjale Barrett, the team's starting point guard last season.

“I've learned a lot from her,” Moseley said. “She's been here for five years, so she knows the offense better than I do. As she's perfecting it, I'm still trying to learn it. She's definitely taught me a lot about being a leader, and carrying myself on the court.”

Adjusting to the rigor of college basketball has also been a test. Moseley explained that she is held to a higher standard of consistency in college compared to high school.

“The intensity is totally different … I think that's the main thing. [My high school coach] had a very good high school program that I think prepared me for it, but there's some things that you really can't prepare for.”

Having a high level of intensity is something that Moseley knows she needs to embrace. As a point guard, she is aware of what will be expected of her. Her role on the team, she said, is “definitely a leader,” though she admitted, “It's hard to lead when you're learning yourself. But I've got to keep the energy up, always come here motivated, and learn as much as I possibly can each day.”

In doing so, Moseley and her team have their sights set high for the upcoming season.

“We should get all the way to the top,” she said. “That's what we're aiming for, we don't aim for anything lower than that. National Championship, ACC Championship, everything.”

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