Turgeon Talks- Radio Show Week 2

Terps basketball coach talks on his weekly radio show about the upcoming tournament in Puerto Rico.

Coach Turgeon settled into his 2nd radio show with special guest James Padgett and his daughter. There was a lot of comments from Coach Turgeon and Padgett about family, and the appearance of his young daughter made it more prevalent how important family really is.

Turgeon really stressed how much defense is going to be the name of their game and their transition D was hurting the team in their win over UNC Wilmington. In regards to Stoglin surprisingly not getting the start, he gave little insight to his choice stating Terrell is responding the right way and that it was a small thing that lead to him riding the bench at the start. With the quick, and I think some unfair, fouls which lead to Weijs being in trouble, Padgett, Parker and even Auslander played more minutes than they typically will see in the game.

Padgett hopped on the microphone with Johnny Holliday to talk about his vast improvement already seen from the starting game of last season to the first game this season. Padgett had five points in the opener last year and increased to 12 points this game, which were obvious with his inside presence and aggressive play. As long as Padgett stays confident, a goal of his for this season, he seems ready now that he is out of Jordan Williams’ shadow. Coach Turgeon even thinks he will be at 70% from the charity strike by the seasons end, we could have used that last year for sure.

Next up for the Terps is the Puerto Rico Tip Off on Thursday vs. #15 Alabama. Coach Turgeon knows this trip is “business” but perfect for bonding through team dinners and hanging out. He says Alabama is athletic and the game will definitely be a test for the squad. The team should do well so long as they stay out of foul trouble with the depleted lineup. When Maryland wins on Thursday, the attitude the staff and team have, they would play on Friday night at 8:30pm, 6pm in the event of a loss. We can hope for the match up of Maryland and Wichita State, as the team is one of Turgeon’s old stomping grounds.

The team got to see two of their upcoming teammates at the UNC Wilmington game; forward Jake Layman and guard Seth Allen. Turgeon feels they need to add a few more pieces but the three they signed are great additions. Layman is the top recruit out of Massachusetts grew up watching Maryland and can play a 2, 3 and even a 4. Allen has a 40-inch vertical and is very underrated in Coach Turgeon’s eyes. Cleare, the third signee, is huge and enjoys getting larger by lifting and is watching his diet. Seth Allen almost didn’t end up at Maryland as Turgeon waited until the final day of recruiting in April. He joked while driving home from watching Allen play he got stuck in the typical bumper-to-bumper traffic and wondered who in their right mind would live in this area. Then Turgeon became the head coach at Maryland.

Turgeon dishes on topics including senior leadership from Mosley and how his words are trickling down through the players. He wants to keep the Baltimore kids home and that one of his bigger concerns with Stoglin is his need to do more than just shoot. Coach Turgeon jokes he will be praying in preparation for ACC play. He wants to give the little guy Stoglin freedom, hopes Howard will surprise us and come back sooner than 12 weeks and can’t wait to add the big guy Alex Len by Christmas. In the mean time Len has been practicing but it has been a struggle to blend him in with the first team, I guess we know he will be a starter.

Terps play Alabama in the opening round of the Puerto Rico tip off November 17th at 5pm on ESPN2.

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