Turgeon Talks- Radio Show Week 3

Mark Turgeon's radio show aired for week three tonight, the only problem was, Coach wasn't there.

Turgeon was called the toughest member of the team versus Iona while he battled a kidney stone. The battle continued as he was not able to join Johnny Holliday for his radio show on Tuesday. Assistant coaches Dalonte Hill, Bino Ranson and Scott Spinelli stepped in for the head coach who is having a procedure to alleviate the pain from a kidney stone.

As it turns out, the three assistant coaches all have ties to each other prior to coming on the Maryland staff. Spinelli gave his rundown of playing at BU and coaching at Nebraska when he got a call from Turgeon to join him at Wichita State, Texas A&M and now Maryland. Next on the mic was Bino Ranson who actually played at the Winchendon School on the prep basketball team under a very young Scott Spinelli. Another connection to the Terp family in his career was his previous gig coaching under Jimmy Patsos, a former assistant under Gary Williams. Gary hired Ranson before he retired and Turgeon was smart enough to retain him. The third addition to the staff is Dalonte Hill. A local to the Maryland area and is known as a ferocious recruiter especially for a territory he is familiar with. Hill asserts we all have to have one voice, one system.

The three assistant coaches articulated their one voice to what they and Turgeon have to address after arriving home from Puerto Rico. They all agreed the early tournament tested the team’s character and was a big learning experience. Preaching to their players that it’s early and “the season isn’t built in four games.” Hill gives credit to the black team aka the walk-ons stating they gave a lot of minutes and put in efforts for each game. Assistant coach Scott Spinelli told Johnny Holliday the season is a work in progress and believe it or not, the team picked up a lot of good habits from Puerto Rico. Good habits translated off the court as coaches noticed people speaking out when there was a misunderstanding over plays and watching film on the own together as a team. A good habit yet to be learned involves the amount of turnovers seen in Puerto Rico, 14 on average with a hope of no more than 10-11.

After Walt “the Wizard” Williams joined the group the emphasis turned to Stoglin. The differences between the Colorado win and the Alabama and Iona loses were Stoglin driving to the hoop and hitting early shots in the game. All agreed once Stoglin hits a few shots, he can score in a hurry and it is best to let him go. Stoglin is 23 of 25 from the charity strike and this should carry on throughout the season as long as his attitude of being the best guard in the nation stays in tact. Yes, the coaches love this attitude from him.

With well wishes to Turgeon the guys ended on an encouraging note that the best basketball is yet to come which fights the media’s constant statements of the team being very poor this year. Quoting the legendary Bob Knight in his first season at Army, the assistant coaches agreed, “If we care about what people think about us, we won’t be a good team.” Get ready for the best basketball in January and February, just in time for the whole team to be back.

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