Turgeon Weekly Radio Show- 12/1

Coach Turgeon appeared on his weekly radio show to discuss the Illinois game and other news.

Coach Turgeon was able to re-join his weekly radio broadcast after missing last week's show due to kidney stones. The head coach started the show discussing Maryland's match up versus Illinois in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. Maryland suffered a loss to the Fighting Illini on Tuesday night but Turgeon claims it was “more us than Illinois for the loss.” A lot of emphasis was placed on rebounding and boxing out during free throws as the team watched film from the second half. Turgeon tells Holliday that missing ten free throws in the game isn't horrible, but when you can't box out or run plays correctly, it adds up. The team only ran one play correctly in the first 12 minutes of the second half; this seems to be a huge annoyance to Coach Turgeon. A bigger annoyance to Turgeon was the lack of boxing out, and his players felt it as they ran numerous sprints to make up for it. Turgeon jokes this is the only way to get them to learn since electric shock isn't legal.

Turgeon gives credit to two top performers on the team, James Padgett and Terrell Stoglin, and rightfully so as they are leading the team in scoring. Padgett is playing with confidence and surprisingly enough to us all who watched him last year, is shooting very well from the charity strike.

The team has undoubtedly improved from their San Juan trip. Even though Coach Turgeon states, “we weren't ready for that,” he tells fans “you can tell we're a much better team from it.” This seems to be the motto of the team this early season as Turgeon yet again continues to harp on the fact that his team will be much better come January.

Hardworking Brenend Weijs joins the radio broadcast and Coach Turgeon gives insight on the skinny, big man. “Baron has the ability to get out and guard shooters, that's the main reason he's starting.” Baron has been working on his footwork with former Terp Laron Profit.

The Terps take on Notre Dame in the BB&T Classic, a local tournament Maryland has continued to struggle in. Turgeon shares comparisons to his opponent expressing the similarity of losing Abromaitis to losing Howard and having young rosters. Coach Turgeon argues that Faust is a great defender but needs to get his confidence back. “He's not playing to the best of his ability, but he's doing a lot.” A win would be a confidence booster for the entire Terps team and Coach Turgeon recognizes “every game is hard for us right now, hopefully we'll defend for 40 minutes.”

A quick update about Pe'Shon Howard; he is healing quickly and is out of the cast and in a boot and has even put weight on the bad foot. The earliest, and most unlikely he will be back is by Christmas, but more realistically he will rejoin the team in mid January.

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