Alvin Hill- A Coaches Take

TSR caught up with Luella High School coach Nick Vasilchek about Maryland commit Alvin Hill.

What type of player is Alvin?

On the field Alvin was unproven coming into this year. He transferred in as a sophomore and played JV. Coming in to junior year he was a good athlete and we thought he could do some things but I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did. We put him out there and started him at corner and from day one we could pretty much put him on whoever the other teams best receiver was and he would lock them down. When our safety got hurt, Alvin is a smart kid, so we asked him if could play safety and he picked it up real quick and was also able to carry over his leadership skills to the corners and be able to get everyone going and hype. We won a game 7-0 that we weren't even supposed to be in and he had three interceptions in that game and all three of them were in the red zone. He made huge plays and he scored the only touchdown that game on offense.

What position do you see him playing at the college level?

I see him playing corner. I know talking to the offensive line coach (Coach Bratton), they really like his coverage skills as cornerback. With his size, he isn't a big and tall college looking safety, so I think he will be a corner.

What type of person is Alvin off the field?

We have never had a permanent captain here before. We have done it game by game. When I took over last year, one of my goals was to find a leader from the 2010 team and name him a permanent captain for 2011 and that was Alvin. He is not a rah rah guy, but he leads by example. He got injured this past summer, it was a slight ankle injury and he got really down. Not because he was going to miss a couple days. He was more upset because he knew that he wouldn't be out there and that the level of intensity in our workouts would drop. When he is out there and what he does, all the other players want to emulate him. If someone is down about the day or practice, he is the type of guy that won't do it in front of everyone but he will pull the guy off to the side and bring the kids spirits up. He is really mature for his age and he is very mature.

What are some things Alvin needs to work on to earn playing time next year?

He will need to work on his strength because the receivers in the ACC are going to be some strong kids. We play in the 5A conference here and I think it is the most loaded conference in the state. There are a ton of Division 1 receivers here and at this point they aren't super strong yet. But when he goes up against those ACC receivers that are three or four years older and are much stronger, he won't be as effective at jamming them. He just needs to work on his overall strength. He is a strong kid, just not college strong. Other than that he is very fundamental and very good in his back pedal, he is a consistent tackler, so overall I think he just needs to get stronger?

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