Season Recap- QB Commit Perry Hills

TSR caught up with Maryland quarterback commit Perry Hills to recap his senior season.

How did the team do this season?

We did really well as a team this year. I think we were ranked 12 in the states. We were hoping to go further in the playoffs but we got stopped short of our goal. It was a great season. I made a lot of good friends and good memories. I will never forget it.

How did you do personally this season?

I think my completion percentage this season was around 62% this year. I threw for about 1,700 yards. We are a pro-style offense and we are really balanced. Our running back also had about 1,700 yards. We are not really a big statistic team but we are more of a stay balanced, you never know what to expect type of team.

How does the offense you run compare to Maryland's offense?

The Maryland offense puts a lot more in the quarterback's hands, which I like. I mean I love throwing the ball. They throw the ball pretty much every play, which is very exciting to me as a quarterback. I am really looking forward to being a part of it.

What will you be working on in the offseason to put yourself in a position to earn playing time next year?

Well I am wrestling now, and with wrestling, I am looking to get a state title this year. I am ranked number one in the state and 13th in the nation in my weight class (195 lbs). With wrestling I mean it really does help with football. It helps me with mental and physical toughness. In wrestling it's all on you. If you mess up, it's your fault. You are trying to beat someone up that weighs as much as you and is as strong as you so it really is a physical sport. After wrestling though I will be lifting and hopefully getting up to 215. I will be working on footwork, my release, and just doing everything I possibly can to compete for a starting position next year.

What is the coaching staff telling you in terms of possibility for playing time next year?

Coach Edsall said that the best man will play. It doesn't matter what grade you are in. He said he doesn't want to redshirt you if you are the best man out there. He wants you playing. That is something I look forward to, competing for the position.

How does it feel knowing that you will get a chance to compete for a starting spot?

That's always an extra motivation. Knowing that the best man plays and that you won't automatically be 3rd string or redshirted. It gives me extra motivation to work hard. I have wanted this my whole live. I am going to work as hard as I possibly can to get it.

What was your opinion of Maryland's season?

I saw this year as a building year. They brought in a whole new staff, they put in a brand new system, they had a lot of freshmen playing on defense. I really think they are building a great program at Maryland and I am really glad that I get to be a part of it.

Are you going to enroll early or wait until the summer?

I have to wait until the summer. My school is a private school and they do not permit early graduation.

Is it exciting to know that you will be continuing your college playing career with high school teammate Anthony Nixon?

Oh yea, its definitely exciting, knowing someone and having a roommate. Anthony is a great kid and I get along with him really well. A group of us would hang out after every high school game. It was like we were brothers. It is nice to have one of my brothers coming to college with me.

What did you think of the Terps uniforms?

I am used to a two uniform, not a flashy thing. It got people talking. They achieved their goal, everyone was talking about it. I mean basketball players to people on ESPN. Everyone was talking about it and it did a great job of getting the programs name out there.

Did you go to any games this season?

Yes, I came down for the Clemson game.

What did you think of the atmosphere?

It was awesome. The only other college game I have been to was Pittsburgh and that wasn't on campus and they don't fill the stadium. At Maryland, the stadium is right on campus. The stadium was packed. It is something you have to experience to talk about and I am just excited that I get to be on that field at one point in my career.

Do you talk to the coaching staff a lot?

Yea, Coach Edsall was at my school last week, and Coach Gattuso was at my school this week. We got to talk about the official visit that I am going on this weekend (December 10th) and he said he might come up to visit me next week and watch a wrestling match.

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