Turgeon Radio Show- 12/23/11

Coach Turgeon discusses Terrell Stoglin and the re-addition of Pe-Shon Howard, back from injury.

With Florida International University behind them, the Maryland men's basketball team hopes to improve on their three game winning streak. But what was it about the game that made it so tight? “We had stage fright,” Coach Turgeon laughs. The stage fright better end if they want to blow out some teams, something Mark Turgeon notes the team has not been able to do yet. The player that will be instrumental in helping blow out teams is Terrell Stoglin. Stoglin leads the ACC in scoring, averaging 22 points a game and is even the fifth leading scorer in the nation. A statistic like this would leave most readers in awe but it does not seem to have the same effect on the head coach. “He has to score for us,” Turgeon admits, “he's a really great passer, we just haven't seen it yet.” To add to the explosive players excellent scoring ability, “he does a great job drawing fouls,” Turgeon continues. This is probably why Maryland gets to the free throw line second most in the country.

Moving the emphasis off Terrell Stoglin and onto another ACC leader, James Padgett. The forward leads the ACC in offensive rebounds, but as defensive minded Coach Turgeon explains, “he needs to get a few more defensive ones.” One way the team will improve defense will come from the hands of Sean Mosley. Turgeon says, “he never quits,” and he rarely has to yell at Sean, as he is the most consistent player on the team. The consistency will only improve as injured point guard Pe'Shon Howard rejoins the team tomorrow. When asked about Howard's recovery Coach Turgeon is happy to enlighten listeners that he, “has no pain whatsoever and is giving max effort every practice. He is not in great shape yet. He forgets a play or two.”

The re-addition of Pe'Shon Howard to the lineup is made greater after the visit from Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown. Brown, the former Kansas coach to Mark Turgeon, spent a few days at Comcast Center and assisted in driving home the ideas the Maryland coaching staff has been trying to instill in their players. A player who understands these concepts is walk-on Jonathan Thomas. JT, as Coach Turgeon refers to him, is living his dream playing for the Terps but admits it has not been an easy route. “It was really hard,” Thomas says as he walks Johnny Holliday through tryouts. Once he made the cut it did not get much easier for the guard, double majoring in engineering and mathematics. “It's hard to get sleep, but it's all about time management,” a notion that is tough for any of his teammates.

Starting tomorrow, fans will be able to see if the wise words from Larry Brown and contributions of Pe'Shon Howard will spark the Terps to continue its winning streak. The team will end its out of conference play with four games in the next eleven days, which is in stark contrast to only two games in last fifteen days.

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