Virginia Top Thirty

After hours of reviewing and studing film, here is a pre-summer look at the top thirty players in the state of Virginia.

After hours of reviewing and studing film, here is a pre-summer look at the top thirty players in the state of Virginia.


1. Olu Hall 6-4/240/4.80 DE  Robinson HS

An athletic defensive end, Hall is a proven commodity at the position, and could quickly rise at the position nationally.  He shows excellent ability to stand his ground while reading and reacting to what is going on behind the ball, then moving in to strike like a ton of bricks.


2. Jerod Mayo 6-2/210/4.65 LB  Kecoughtan HS

Speed at the linebacker position is what teams throughout the region want, and a weakside linebacker with instincts and great form come in the package of Jerod Mayo.  He has the frame to put on twenty more pounds and play any of the three or four linebacker positions depending on the system.

3. Sean Glennon 6-3/180/4.75 QB  Westfield HS

Taking care of the ball is obviously important to Sean Glennon as he miticulously, though swiftly, checks down through his reads for the open man.  Glennon put up over 1,800 yards on 63% completion rate with 21 touchdowns and just four interceptions.  Even more staggering is how he has thrown seven total interceptions in his career.


4. Eddie Royal 5-10/170/4.34 WR  Westfield HS

One award sticks out when referring to Eddie Royal, and that is 2003 Blacksburg Nike Camp MVP.  One word sticks out when referring to him as well, and that is speed.  A blazing runner, Royal can take any reception for a touchdown, which scares most teams into playing more of a prevent defense, which only helps teammate Sean Glennon's completion rate.
5. Andrew Bowman 6-1/220/4.60 LB  Hermitage HS

Nearly the prototypical middle linebacker, Bowman knows how to fill holes and flow freely from sideline.  He is a hard-nosed player at his position, and forces teams to attempt to run away from him, though usually to no avail.  Bowman had two vicious hits last season in which he knocked off an opposing players's helmet.


6. Brandon Ore 6-2/195/4.40 RB  Indian River HS

The power and speed combination in Brandon Ore has several schools taking a hard look at him not only as a bruising tailback, but also as a linebacker.  While Ore plans to stick on the offensive side of the ball, he certainly could play either way.  He averaged 9.2 yards per carry as a junior.


7. Jon Kirchner 6-5/260/4.90  DE  Rockbridge County HS

One word to describe Jon Kirchner would be hands.  With extremelly strong hands, Kirchner has play after play in which he brings players down with just one hand on a jersey.  He also has good athletic ability for his size; enough such that he could play offensive line, defensive tackle, or defensive end in the right scheme.


8. Cedric Peerman 5-10/190/4.40 RB  William Campbell HS

The second commitment for Virginia, many teams that could have offered Peerman backed off due to his strong interest in the Cavaliers.  However, he does have a strong amount of athletic ability.  The big question now rests in his future college position.  Many expect him to play cornerback while some feel that he could present an excellent threat as a scat-back or third-down back in addition to a kick returning capacity.


9. Chris Long 6-4/250 DT  St. Anne's HS
  A very early commit for Virginia, the son of NFL Hall of Fame Howie Long, Chris is a saavy player for his size.  He has a great frame, and could be an impact for Virginia early in his career with the team as a defensive end in their 3-4 scheme.
10. Antwain Carey 6-0/205/4.30 RB  Deep Creek HS

Not exactly a nature tailback, Antwain Carey has the speed to make up for it.  Certainly one of, if not the fastest, football player in Virginia, if he learns to use that speed on the football field, the talent for Carey is unmeasurable.


Best of the Rest:
11. Clarence Vaughn 6-2/190/4.40 WR  Robinson HS
12. Clint Sintim 6-3/240/4.80 DE  Gar-Field HS
13. Lee Bujakowski 6-3/218/4.90 QB  Hopewell HS
14. A.J. Brown 6-0/190/4.55  S  Liberty (Bealeton) HS
15. Ahmad Bradshaw 5-10/180/4.50 RB  Graham HS
16. Devonta Brown 6-4/245/4.70 LB  Charlottesville HS
17. Kent Hicks 6-2/206/4.5 S  Culpepper HS
18. Jeremy Gilchrist 5-11/185/4.50 WR  Salem (Virginia Beach) HS
19. Ryan Pond 6-2/230/4.80 QB  Western Branch HS
20. Austin Casey 6-1/210/4.60 LB  Salem (Salem) HS
21. Richard Taylor 5-10/190/4.40 S  Centreville HS
22. John Bradshaw 6-5/295/5.20 OL  Stafford HS
23. Zak Stair 6-6/280/5.00 OL  Osbourn Park HS
24. Evan Taylor 5-9/164/4.40 RB  Princess Anne HS
25. Patrick Preston 6-1/180/4.45  CB  Franklin County HS
26. Endor Cooper 6-1/185 S  Hylton HS
27. Sam Wheeler 6-3/235 LB  Blacksburg HS
28. Jamaal Jackson 6-3/205/4.45 S  Deep Creek HS
29. Alston Smith 6-1/270/4.90 DT  Huguenot HS
30. Daniel Bailey 5-7/160/4.40 RB  Centreville HS

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