Maryland Postgame Quotes

TSR was on hand to hear the reaction from Coach Turgeon as well as a other Terp players.


Opening Statement

“Well that's the best, most complete game we've played all year. We defended, we rebounded, we executed, we shared the ball. Eighteen assists. Fifty-four percent for the game. Fifty-seven in the second half. We were really good against the zone, I thought. Especially early in the game in different periods and then in the start of the second half. Guys were dialed in. I thought we were on top of our sets and doing a good job. First half we couldn't control Harris, Mescheriakov and McKie. We had trouble with those guys but in the second half we did a much better job guarding those three. I mean, they missed a few shots for us, which always helps.”

On speeding up the pace of the game

“Well we got stops. In the first half we weren't getting stops, so we ran on misses and we got stops, longs rebounds and we were able to get some easy ones. I just think it comes down to … we had confidence during that stretch too. Of course, the last ten minutes we tried to play a lot slower and get the game over with.”


On speeding up the pace of the game

“We were just able to get long rebounds. Long rebounds and then we would go on fast breaks. That's what we were able to do.”


On speeding up the pace of the game

“I felt we defended them well. We pressured them and the press definitely helped us out; helped us get turnovers and we capitalized on them.”


On whether or not his players were invigorated

“I think so. We can even say that the new floor got us excited. We were the first ones on the floor yesterday and I thought that was pretty cool for our guys. Nick's really been playing well for about three weeks and took it to another level today. Really defended and ran our team and made some shots. It was great to see Alex have success out there and play well. I thought Sean was the same way. I thought Terrell had, you know, more legs underneath him. Yeah, we talked about just dialing in but also having fun. And I think the guys tried to have fun today. And more importantly they trusted their teammates on both ends of the floor and that's been a hard thing for us this year but today we did it.”


On his impact in the different areas of the game

“I wasn't aware of the rebounds at halftime but I just wanted to do anything I could do to help us win. Coach was talking to me on the plane about being a better teammate and I just wanted to work on that. Getting my teammates involved, I wanted to do that today and we got the win. So it worked out.”


On Nick's improvement

“It's just playing time. Coach was holding him back the first two-thirds and you know, I can't take him out now. He's got to play. He plays through mistakes defensively. He plays through mistakes offensively. There's a reason he was high in the rankings coming out of high school. He's a good player. And he's getting opportunities to be a player now and he's taking advantage of them.”


On the reason behind his recent improvement

“At the beginning of the season I would say I was more of a passive person. I didn't really know how I was gonna fit in. Second-guessing myself. But towards the end of the season I started to mature. You know, I have the mindset that I really had no choice. I have to play and do well for the team and do whatever I can to help us win. So that's my mindset now and it's turning out in a good way.”


On the decision to play Jonathan Thomas

“It had nothing to do with tomorrow. I thought JT helped us in the Virginia game and you know, he went in and played well. I wanted him to stay fresh. They didn't have a lot of subs so I was trying to be a little bit deeper than them in the first half and try to wear their guys down. And JT went in and really played well; really defended, made the three. That other one went all the way in and out. Then we went small against their small lineup. We went small and it worked for us. Hasn't worked a lot this year but it worked today. Mike gave us really good minutes to start the second half; he went in there and played the four position for us. JT was great. JT helped us a lot earlier in the year and hadn't had quite the opportunities and quite frankly, I didn't think my backup bigs were playing very well at the start of the game. So I made a conscious effort to go small.”


On being a better teammate

“Just doing the little things that end up being big. Just helping my teammates out on the defensive end. Help defense. Rebounding. Just other things other scoring and I felt like I did that well today.”


On the importance of getting this win

“It's definitely a big thing for us. We practice hard every day and even after the Virginia game our heads were still held high. You know, we definitely wanna do it big for Sean Mosley, you know, and Berend. Especially for Sean. We feel as though he deserves it so we're definitely trying to go out with a bang at this ACC Tournament.”


On the importance of the win

“Huge. It was huge for us. My guys have competed for me and tried hard and for the most part, been fun to be around. And they've put up a lot for me. Just to get a taste like this is good. And have another shot at a No. 1 seed, probably, in the NCAA Tournament, which will be a lot of fun for us. We were disappointed. We lost two weekend games. Georgia Tech, they outplayed us. They were just tougher than we were that day. And we lost to Virginia in a close game. So we were just disappointed with the way we ended the season, so this was huge. And this has been just a great day, a great day, for Maryland basketball. I can't talk about everything but it's been a great day for us.”


On whether he has a chip on his shoulder as a result of being named second team All-ACC

“Oh yeah. I'm always gonna have a chip on my shoulder. But once the voting came out I have more of a chip, so I mean, I just wanna stay more aggressive and just become a better basketball player.”


On how it feels that the team is playing for him

“It feels good. You know, I'm a team player. I love this whole staff, players, managers. It's just an honor to be around good guys and understand that it's just not about them, it's about the team and that's why when I strap my laces up everyday I can give my all to help my team. Not just me.”

On whether or not the win was 'fun' for the team

“Yeah it's definitely fun when we're playing together as a team. It's fun when you win anyway. When you lose, there's nothing fun about it. But today, we came out with the energy and we knew what our goal was: to take one game at a time. And we get another shot tomorrow, against Carolina, which all the guys should be pumped up about. I'm just gonna come out here and give it my all.”

On how the win helps the cause against Carolina

“I think it builds up a lot of people's confidence in the locker room. I think it'll help us out to come in the game with that swag because, you know, we already have a game under our belt.”

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