OLB Boulware Excited by Recruiting Process

2013 OLB Ben Boulware talks to TSR about his offer from Maryland as well as other offers he has.

To say that Anderson, SC OLB Ben Boulware is a little overwhelmed by the college football recruiting process is a bit of an understatement. The talented junior, who just wrapped up a tough 3-7 season at TL Hanna High School, acknowledged as much just weeks after he started getting heavily contacted by football programs across the country. “Everything has happened so fast, said Ben on a late Wednesday night after wrapping up practice with the school's baseball team, on which he's the catcher. “I haven't even been able to sit with my parents yet and talk it out,” he continued. Still, don't take his surprise to mean that he isn't excited. In fact, it's just the opposite. With his thick southern accent coming through in spades, Ben spoke animatedly about everything he's experienced in just a few short weeks, including his offer conversation with Maryland.

Ben said that he and the Terps' staff had been talking for a few weeks. He communicated over Facebook and e-mail with special teams coordinator Andrew Powell (his secondary recruiting area is South Carolina), who has been acting as the point man for Boulware's recruitment. After a few weeks, with the likes of Head Coach Randy Edsall on the phone, Maryland made the offer. “After a couple of weeks,” Ben said, “[Maryland] called into the school to [TL Hanna High School Head Coach] Fouch and they offered.”

Like most of the schools that have called Ben over the past few weeks, he admits he doesn't know a ton about Maryland as a university or football program. Still, he seems excited about the team. When asked to rate his interest on a scale from 1 to 10, he answered thusly; “I'd say an 8 or 9 out of 10.” He continued by saying that he “[hasn't] really seen much of them really…but I've definitely gotten interested in the school early on.”

Maryland would seem like a great fit for a player like Boulware. At 6'2” and about 228 pounds he's a prototypical Division I outside linebacker with solid 40 speed to boot. Meanwhile, the Terps need a substantial amount of help on a porous defense from last year, and Boulware has been described by many as an aggressive old school type of linebacker that can go sideline to sideline. In fact, many say he emulates another famous linebacker in Maryland; Baltimore Ravens player and future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis. Whether Ben can match Lewis' play in college is yet to be seen, but he can play in the shadow of where his football idol has made a substantial name for himself as a pro. “A lot of people say I'm an old school type of player,” said Ben. “I have a real love for the game, and I'm out there every single play around the ball, all over the field.”

It's not just the football program at Maryland that fits Ben's needs either. Ben wants a school that's “known for its academics, a place where I can get a good degree from,” he said. Maryland, with a strong public school reputation, would seem to fit the billing.

Still, Ben mentioned many universities from all over the nation that have already come forward with offers. They include South Florida, Stanford, UConn, Minnesota, UCLA, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee and Clemson. He's even been to junior days at South Carolina and Georgia. Still, the trump card for the Terps may not be any of the things mentioned above. When asked about the new Under Armour uniforms Maryland sported last season he excitedly summed up his thoughts in 3 short words. “Pretty freaking sick.” I'm pretty sure Randy Edsall would have a similar statement if Boulware decides to head up north to Maryland in 2013. He might just word it a bit differently.

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