ACC Invitation Eases Lineman's Mind

Expansion has weighed pretty heavy on the mind of Roanoke Northside lineman Brandon Holland lately. With new teams headed to the ACC, what are Holland's latest thoughts on the process?

Throughout our talks with Brandon Holland from Roanoke, the lineman has continuously said that the conference issue was the only real major drawback with Virginia Tech. VTInsider spoke with Holland Wednesday after it was learned that Virginia Tech had been invited to the ACC.

"Basically everything's fine now," Holland said of Tech and the conference situation. "If they were going to lose some teams in the BIG EAST, I wouldn't be so sure, but I wanted them to go [to the ACC] anyway, so as far as them not staying in the BIG EAST, that doesn't bother me."

Where does this leave Tech? "They're still #1 right now," said Holland who has offers from Tech and West Virginia. "Maryland wants to offer me. I got a letter from them today and I've got to call up there and talk to the coaches. Clemson is still there and Penn State. I'm looking at them. Michigan State is still there and Virginia. I'm going to keep my options open but Tech is right there on top."

When would Holland like to make a college decision? "Right now, since Tech [got an ACC invitation,] I'm just going to go visit a couple campuses this summer and after I do that, I'll sit down with my parents see what looks right and what's a good fit. If everything goes right, I'll decide in the summer time."

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