2013 Intro: Brett Steverson

Offensive lineman Brett Steverson likes the Terps and hopes an offer comes in soon.

How has your off-season been going?

It's been going good; I've gotten a lot stronger and a lot faster. I have been training hard and getting ready for the season. I've also been working on academics.

Have you gone to any schools to take unofficial visits? How were they?

I've been to Georgia, Florida, Duke, and North Carolina. They were all nice. I liked Duke. I'll probably be taking a lot more this summer, as soon as I get out of school, to a lot of different schools. I think when we hit the field this spring there's been a lot of scouts there watching me so I think offers will start rolling in.

Have you visited Maryland before?

No but I'll probably go up that way, because I'd like for my mom to see Duke and I probably will go up there too. When I was in seventh grade, one of the graduate assistants at Maryland, who played at Maryland, played at my high school. I know him and his father real well, and I'll probably go up there. His dad actually told me if it's not against NCAA rules he'd take me up there to see his son and everything.

What schools are you hearing from the most?

I've been kind of flying under the radar. South Carolina, their coach liked me, and they had a guy come over and he said he liked me, and he kind of hinted that in the future there's going to be an offer for me. I think Maryland and Georgia Tech are pretty close; those are the schools I've heard from besides the two I've already got offers from (Duke and Troy).

Which schools have offered you?

Duke and Troy. Central Florida and South Florida both like me a lot. I think that Maryland and Georgia Tech are right on the verge, and the way South Carolina talked they liked me but we'll see where all that goes.

Do you have a Top 5? Can you say a little about each of those schools and why you like them?

I can't really give you a Top 5 yet. I do like Duke, and I have been to Troy. I've got four teammates playing there right now and they all said they really like it. And I really would like to get out to South Carolina. Steve Spurrier's always kind of been my role model with the way he carriers himself and the way he works. I like the way his teams play. So South Carolina could be a big-hitter for me if they offer. And with Georgia Tech and Maryland, really anyone who's recruiting me heavily at this point, they've got a shot. Anyone who throws their name in the hat has a shot to get me. I'm not going to close any doors, and I'll start narrowing it down after I visit schools.

What does your summer schedule look like in terms of camps, showcases and college visits?

We've got two weeks off in the beginning of summer after school, so I'm probably going to go on a road trip, see a lot of schools. If I have some more offers by then, which I probably will, I'll see some more schools that are recruiting me and offering me. Camps this summer are a hit-and-miss, I would like to go to a few camps but our summer schedule for workouts is pretty intense and I try to miss as few of them as I can because I want to be there with my team. But I'd like to get to some schools that are recruiting me hard. I'd like to go down to Miami, probably Georgia, South Carolina definitely, and Georgia Tech maybe. But there's nothing set in stone right now.

What are you looking for in a school?

I want to be around guys who want to win. And guys that want to win aren't the same as people who win on the field. I want to be around guys who are going to bust their butts in the off-season to get ready for the season. I want to see not only guys who win on the field but win off the field. Also a family atmosphere. I'm a winner, I hate losing, so I'd like to go to a school that competes for championships and conference titles and stuff like that. Consistently a high-ranking school. Academics are pretty important too.

Is distance a factor when choosing your school?

No, it won't be. It becomes your second home so distance won't be a factor.

Do you feel more comfortable run blocking or pass blocking?

At our school we're a run-oriented offense, and I just like mauling people and putting them in the dirt so I like run blocking. That's not to say I can't pass block, because I'm a good pass blocker and I'm light on my feet.

Will the type of offense affect where you choose to play?

I'd like to play in a pro-style offense, but I'll be fine in a triple-option. Or if Auburn or somebody who spreads it out recruits me I'll feel comfortable pass-blocking too.

What were your stats this past season?

I finished the season averaging about 13 pancake blocks a game. I didn't give up any sacks this past year. I think my average grade on the year was about a 95, 96.

What are your strengths? Weaknesses?

For strengths, I'm a hard worker, I'm smart, I can do early enrollment. On the field I'm strong in the weight room, and a better run-blocker. Weaknesses, if there were anything I'm looking to improve on, it'd probably be just continuing to get stronger. I'm already a strong guy, but when I go to college I'm going to be squatting 600 pounds and benching around 350. So I just want to continue getting stronger.

What is your overall interest in Maryland?

I do like Maryland, I think Coach Brattan has certainly proved to be one of the best offensive line coaches in the country, and I think Coach Edsall is going to be a great coach at Maryland. Their record last year wasn't that impressive but I'll give him time to let him get his guys in there. If he can have success at UConn, which was a doormat of college football before he got there, than I think he can win anywhere. I think Coach Edsall is going to prove himself and I think Maryland football is going to be back on the rise. So my interest in Maryland would probably be pretty high up there.

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