2012 NBA Draft- Where They May or Should Go!

TSR throws our hand in doing a mock NBA draft. Check out our predictions for the entire 1st round.

2012 NBA Draft - Where They May or Should Go!

This time of year it's always fun to play NBA general manager, the best part being if I am wrong, I won't get fired. Every fan always knows what his team needs so the real question is ten years later, was the draft pick the solution or more of the cause?! And while some things are obvious now, these are same group of people that drafted Sam Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan…..the same group that let Kobe Bryant slide down to 15 in the draft, only to trade him away at that. Some knives in the drawer are sharper than others, that's to be sure!

1. New Orleans - after the Chris Paul debacle and new ownership in place, getting the top pick will heal a lot of wounds. The Hornets may take a long look at Andre Drummond perhaps but basically are probably 90% sure to pick….Anthony Davis, 6-10 from Kentucky

2. Charlotte - you have the worst record and history and still don't get the top pick, that's pretty rough. This is a team that needs everything in the sense that no one player is on solid footing after a seven win season. The most potential is Drummond, the hometown pick is Barnes, the defensive lock-down guy is Kidd-Gilchrist and Robinson the most solid. I would think that Michael Jordan, for all his scoring, understands that it begins with defense and effort. To me, that makes the choice….Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, 6-7 from Kentucky

3. Washington - being a Wizard fan, I would have loved the top pick. That being said, there are potential starters and all-star players from two down to the mid-teens in this draft. I think the team has some nice pieces but sorely needs shooters (shipping their best one in Nick Young to the Clips). Beal is versatile but I don't see where he is any better than Jordan Crawford. Robinson is the hometown ideal but with Nene, Seraphin, Booker, Singleton, Veselly, the PF seems pretty booked. A team desperate for a shooting small forward with great athleticism, they should take the Glen Rice-clone in….Harrison Barnes, 6-8 from North Carolina

4. Cleveland - they need help everywhere except point guard, so the best player here would be ideal. They popped for Tristan Thompson early last draft, so I would think they'd give him some time to develop. That being said, the team is young enough to gamble on a potential superstar in the 6-10 man-child with huge upside and equally large risk. Amare Stoudamire clones don't come very often. The choice is….Andre Drummond, 6-10 from Connecticut

5. Sacramento - a team that would have loved to find a small forward who can shoot, the option here is to take the most solid player and potential ten-year starter in the big forward from Kansas, who may actually become a hybrid power forward small forward type. The choice is….Thomas Robinson, 6-8 from Kansas

6. Portland - a team with many needs, point guard being the most important. A team once ripe with young talent seems to have let the years slip by without ever progressing as a team. Build around Lamarcus Aldridge and draft the best player at this slot, which should be the first guard taken in the form of….Bradley Beal, 6-4 from Florida

7. Golden State - another franchise that cannot seem to get better or worse, always hovering near the cusp of the playoffs. Trading Monte Ellis was a definite gamble so the team took a big hit in the scoring punch column. They could gamble with big but a scoring point guard to replace Ellis would fit nicely into Mark Jackson's scheme. The choice is….Damian Lillard, 6-2 from Weber State

8. Toronto - the Raptors need some scoring from the guard spot and with Beal and Lillard off the board, the next best option would be the tall sophomore from Storrs. He may have been taken higher in last year's draft but staying an extra did not hurt too much as the choice is….Jeremy Lamb, 6-5 from Connecticut

9. Detroit - a team in transition that hit gold with rookie Greg Monroe last year, they could use a physical presence to balance Monroe's glide and slide approach. Though not an athlete-deluxe, the big man from Ohio State understands position, footwork and how to play in the paint. I think Kevin Love has proven if you know how to play and play hard, success can be found. Pistons get a little rougher and tougher inside with….Jared Sullinger, 6-9 from Ohio State

10. New Orleans - Already with Anthony Davis in their pocket, this pick is almost like found money. You take the best player available. Davis is solid so perhaps a gamble here on a guy who has immense talent but seemingly has that ever-frustrating on-off switch that coaches have nightmares about. Still worth a gamble on a team that is building, the choice is….Perry Jones, 6-11 from Baylor

11. Portland - Again, with Beal on board, the balance could come in the form of a long defensive-minded forward whose offensive game may develop. A player who is already a factor with his shot-blocking and rebounding, only lacks the polish of an offensive array which allows him to slide this far. The choice here is….John Henson, 6-10 from North Carolina

12. Milwaukee - the Bucks made a run at the play-offs and with Ellis lighting up the scoreboard, size and toughness is needed inside. I would expect the Bucks to take a good hard look at Big 10-kid Leonard before setting on the more polished product in the form of….Tyler Zeller, 6-11 from North Carolina

13. Phoenix - yes, Steve Nash is 100 and may slow down one day, so there will be a good long look at Kendall Marshall, distributor-deluxe but defensive liability and offensively limited. I think the Suns like the upside of the power swing man from Syracuse who is rising fast among the scouts. The choice here is….Dion Waiters, 6-4 from Syracuse

14. Houston - With 2 of the next 3 picks, Houston almost has to figure out what Philly does so they can make sure of not losing someone they need. I think the Rockets like the aggressive, talented frosh from Durham here, maybe feeling that if he went from High School to the NBA, he'd be a top 5 pick. The choice here is….Austin Rivers, 6-4 from Duke

15. Philadelphia - a young team who had a nice run in the playoffs, they could use a big man inside to protect the rim and provide some toughness. The tall glass of water from Champagne is unheralded and his best playing days are ahead but he progressed nicely to this year from last. Athletic seven-footers are hard to find, so the choice for the 76ers is….Meyers Leonard, 7-0 from Illinois

16. Houston - Talent being a premium, Houston will probably pass on the PG here to take a small gamble on another player with elite talent whose head is not always in the game. Though playing with 4 other potential first-round players has that effect on players at times. Still, too talented and too good to let slip much further. The choice is….Terrence Jones, 6-9 from Kentucky

17. Dallas - If you thought Nash was old, consider Dallas and Jason Kidd. There are no clear cut players here that would merit not selecting a potential starter for the next decade in the steady PG from Chapel Hill. The choice here is….Kendall Marshall, 6-4 from North Carolina

18. Minnesota - Even with Kevin Love, the Wolves might look long and hard at the 6-10 forward from Mississippi State who has inside-outside potential and a lot of room for growth. Still, seems to be a trend, a player that you need to light a fire under from time to time. Worth the gamble for the young Wolves, the choice is….Arnett Moultrie, 6-10 from Mississippi State

19. Orlando - the Dwight Howard sage aside, the team has needs across the board. The best player available here might be the defensive steady forward from Vanderbilt. A shooter with solid feet on D, the choice is….Jeffrey Taylor, 6-7 from Vanderbilt

20. Denver - they have a great nucleus if they can keep it in tact, though Andre Miller is getting up there in years. Having the jet Ty Lawson at the point, a solid player from the West to run and gun with Lawson would add another weapon for the Nuggets. The choice is….Terrence Ross, 6-7 from Washington

21. Boston - Watching them against the Heat, the team is basically Rondo and whatever juice you can squeeze from the formerly-big three. You just take the most talented players that work with Rondo and go from there. After the big three retire, I don't see anyone on that roster ready to step in and take their place. The first pick is….Moe Harkless, 6-8 from St. Johns

22. Boston - ditto again, just take the best player there. The next pick should be….Tony Wroten, 6-5 from Washington

23. Atlanta - Just my opinion here, Hawks will never be a serious contender to win anything with Josh Smith in the line-up, they need to move him and get what they can for him. With Teague, Johnson, Williams and Horford, they have a nice core of players. A big man with some scoring prowess would be a nice addition, so the choice here is….Andrew Nicholson, 6-9 from St. Bonaventure

24. Cleveland - they gambled with Drummond, so the best player here would not be a bad idea. Shooting is always a commodity in the NBA and one of the best in college ball is here, so the choice should be….John Jenkins, 6-4 from Vanderbilt

25. Memphis - Perhaps the least athletic team up front, a big man with some talent and defensive prowess would be an asset to this young play-off team. The shot blocker from the Orange seems logical, so the choice here is….Fab Melo, 7-0 from Syracuse

26. Indiana - After a testy series with the heat, the team needs to find some wing defenders. But the need for point guard play is really pressing and the Pacers catch a nice break here, the choice is….Marquis Teague, 6-1 from Kentucky

27. Miami - the team is built around the two supers, so they love to drive and kick. Miller is breaking down physically and Battier hasn't hit for the entire playoffs, so a wing shooter would be a must. They can afford perhaps to wait a year so they can draft a foreign gem in….Evan Fournier, 6-6 from France

28. Oklahoma City - all this team needs is time and maturity it seems. They have all the pieces, so get the best player available. A player who was top 5 in High School and had all the tools but coming off surgery so his game has not really returned to form, a nice choice here for the Thunder would be….Quincy Miller, 6-9 from Baylor

29. Chiacgo - No one can replace Rose so don't even consider looking for that here. The Bulls have a great and young nucleus who have taken a beating lately. If they can get healthy, they will be one of the beasts in the East for a long time. Adding a multi-talented forward with size and basketball IQ cannot hurt, so the choice here is….Royce White, 6-8 from Iowa State

30. Golden State - With Lillard in tow, some front line help would be in order. David Lee is a dependable rebounder and athlete but at 6-8, not a giant among the NBA's power forwards. The big man from Vandy is limited but an immovable big-body who knows his role. The choice is….Festus Exeli, 6-11 from Vanderbilt

31. Charlotte - the point guard situation has been up for grabs and the Bobcats take a good long look and select the floor general from the Final Four Jayhawks. The choice is….Tyshawn Taylor, 6-3 from Kansas

32. Washington - With a major wing player in Barnes, Wiz still need some shooters and size in the back-court. Though rail thin, the Kentucky wing has shown a nice touch in the clutch and the ability to put the ball to the ground and get his shot. A nice pick-up at 32, the Wiz select….Doron Lamb, 6-4 from Kentucky.

Being a Wiz fan, I should extend it to #47 but lets just say I expect they will choose from among these three forwards if they are still there - Henry Sims from Georgetown, JaMychal Green from Alabama and Mike Scott from Virginia.

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