2012 NBA Draft- Version 2.0

TSR throws our hand in doing a mock NBA draft. Check out our predictions for the entire 1st round.

NBA Draft - Version 2.0

There has been a lot of buzz but very little movement other than Houston's attempt to gather enough assets to pitch to Orlando for Dwight Howard. Since Howard is going to hit the road regardless, I would think the Magic would make the best deal they can. On the cusp of Thursday's NBA draft, there is always some swings due to flavor of the movement (rising up and down based on word of mouth!):

1. New Orleans - Anthony Davis, 6-10 from Kentucky….No changes here, Davis has been the consensus number one since the lottery balls popped….I am not as high on him as most, has to gain some weight and some offensive pop to move from solid to star potential

2. Charlotte - Thomas Robinson, 6-8 from Kansas….this pick is up for grabs, there is a good chance that Cleveland might move up to take Bradley Beal, swapping picks with the Bobcats….if this pick stays with Charlotte, the polished Robinson has the best chance of helping the Bobcats improve

3. Washington - Bradley Beal, 6-4 from Florida….trading for Ariza and Okafor has made the front line crowded….Beal has been the #2 guy on a lot of boards and Wizards need something more consistent than a chucker like Crawford at the starting guard slot (off the bench, chucking is okay)….Beal potentially can become a Sidney Moncrief-like player with more range

4. Cleveland - Harrison Barnes, 6-8 from UNC….they want Beal and may slide up but again, if they stay here, Barnes would a nice piece of the puzzle….Irving needs a shooter to kick to and Barnes in the catch-and-shoot mode is lethal

5. Sacramento - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, 6-8 from Kentucky ….With Beal and Barnes gone, the Kings select a real winner in Kidd-Gilchrist….a defensive presence and good character can only help a young team….problem is, Gilchrist hates losing and has lost like 10 games in 5 years so boy, is he in for a culture shock to the system!

6. Portland - Andre Drummond, 6-10 from Connecticut….really torn between the PG and the Center need here since both players they like will likely be gone when they next pick at #11….potential superstars at Center don't come along often and at least he does not come in with broken wheels so the unreal upside of Drummond is the pick here, head case and all

7. Golden State - Damian Lillard, 6-1 from Weber State….here is where the draft really becomes a guessing game, lot of potential starters with no clear cut superstars but worlds of potential….Warriors could go big but none of the forwards they have worked out seems to have caught their fancy….Lillard is a dynamic scorer in the Tim Hardaway mode, Jackson and the Warriors will be hard-pressed to pass on him here

8. Toronto - Dion Waiters, 6-4 from Syracuse…. the Raptors need some scoring from the guard spot and for a while, most mocks had Lamb slotted here….Waiters has been moving up the charts and some see a lot more potential in him than others….strong guard with decent handle whose perimeter game needs to expand

9. Detroit - Terrence Jones, 6-9 from Kentucky ….a talented athletic forward to pair with Greg Monroe, both lefties who can glide and slide, dangerous combination who could develop in years to come

10. New Orleans - Perry Jones, 6-11 from Baylor….Hornets take the best player available here, gambling here on a guy who has immense talent but seemingly has that ever-frustrating on-off switch that coaches have nightmares about….worth a gamble on a team that is building from scratch….a point guard could be an option as well

11. Portland - Austin Rivers, 6-4 from Duke….Fast riser on all the draft boards…. the young Devil could be someone who could play both point and wing….His swagger and attitude may have proven an asset in this rare case

12. Houston - Jeremy Lamb, 6-5 from Connecticut ….an ankle injury curtailed his workouts and others have risen but Lamb is still a lottery-worthy talent….a scorer with a great wingspan on defense, just need to find a coach who can light a fire under his backside

13. Phoenix - Kendall Marshall, 6-4 from North Carolina….yes, Steve Nash is 100 and may not even be with the Suns next year….A pure PG who can run the break in a style the Suns are accustomed to….Terrence Ross a real possibility here as well

14. Milwaukee - Meyers Leonard, 7-0 from Illinois….the Bucks made a run at the play-offs and with Ellis lighting up the scoreboard, size and toughness is needed inside….Leonard is a project but with great agility and size, I would expect the Bucks to take Leonard who has progressed every year since being a freshman at Illinois

15. Philadelphia - Tyler Zeller, 6-11 from North Carolina….a team who could use a big man inside to score and provide some toughness….with Brand not the scorer inside he once was, 76ers need something of a threat inside to give their shooters some room to operate….solid choice at #15

16. Houston - Arnett Moultrie, 6-10 from Mississippi State….having grabbed one player who floats, what the heck, hit me again….another elite talent whose head is not always in the game….too talented and too good to let slip much further, Moultrie just needs to fill out and understand how to play at the NBA level

17. Dallas - John Henson, 6-10 from North Carolina ….a player talented enough to merit a higher choice, Dallas scoops up the forward with a world of potential and makes him the choice….defense is ahead of offense at this stage but has potential to be sure

18. Houston - Jeffrey Taylor, 6-7 from Vanderbilt….Taylor is solid defensively and while he needs consistency, has range on his jumper…if Houston keeps all three players, a nice haul regardless

19. Orlando - Terrence Ross, 6-6 from Washington….the Dwight Howard saga aside, the team has needs across the board….Ross is a sniper who can take some of the pressure off Howard inside, a steal at #19

20. Denver - Moe Harkless, 6-8 from St. Johns….Harkless has the ability to slash and attack the rim….runs the floor well, which fits nicely in Denver's run-and-shoot offense….a nice pick at #20 for a guy who would be a lottery pick next year had he stayed in school

21. Boston - Quincy Miller, 6-9 from Baylor….Watching them against the Heat, the team is basically Rondo and whatever juice you can squeeze from the formerly-big three. You just take the most talented players that work with Rondo and go from there….Miller's knee injury pushed him out of the top 7, a return to health makes this pick a potential steal

22. Boston - Jared Sullinger, 6-9 from Ohio State….the slippage ends here at #22, the bad back and limited athleticism tags hurting him but at 6-9, 280, he knows how to play inside and be effective….will struggle against elite big men perhaps but will still produce good numbers on the court

23. Atlanta - Andrew Nicholson, 6-9 from St. Bonaventure….Just my opinion here, Hawks will never be a serious contender to win anything with Josh Smith in the line-up, they need to move him and get what they can for him….Nicholson is a working man's forward like Horford who plays solid and will not hurt you on the court

24. Cleveland - John Jenkins, 6-4 from Vanderbilt….the more weapons the better for this scoring-starved team….Irving will be loving life with wings like Barnes and Jenkins to kick to….solid choice at #24

25. Memphis - Fab Melo, 7-0 from Syracuse….a big man with defensive prowess would be an asset to this young play-off team….the shot blocker from the Orange seems logical since Gasol and Randolph couldn't leap over a phone book in a single bound

26. Indiana - Marquis Teague, 6-1 from Kentucky….After a testy series with the heat, the team needs to find some wing defenders, but the need for point guard play is really pressing as well after seeing George Hill struggle at times….Teague is a jet who could start in a few years if Hill doesn't progress

27. Miami - Evan Fournier, 6-6 from France….the team is built around the two supers who love to drive and kick, so shooters are always needed….Miller is breaking down physically and Battier did not hit for the entire playoffs until the last three games in the Finals, so another wing shooter would be ideal

28. Oklahoma City - Royce White, 6-9 from Iowa State….all this team needs is time and maturity it seems….some inside scoring presence and another high basketball I.Q. guy would be an asset….White has top 15 skills so really a nice pick-up for the Thunder at this juncture

29. Chicago - Doron Lamb, 6-5 from Kentucky….No one can replace Rose so don't even consider looking for that here….Bulls have a great young nucleus who have taken a beating lately….a tall shooter with range and skill is always a welcome addition to a team that has a penetrator like Derrick Rose

30. Golden State - Festus Ezeli, 6-11 from Vanderbilt….With Lillard in tow, some front line help would be in order….David Lee is a dependable rebounder and athlete but at 6-8, not a giant among the NBA's power forwards so while the big man from Vandy is limited, he is an immovable big-body who knows his role

Round 2

Charlotte - Tony Wroten, 6-5 from Washington

Washington - Will Barton, 6-5 from Memphis

My hopes as a Washington fan would be if the Wizards traded their 1st rounder in 2013 to Houston for the #14 and #16 picks….if they did that, they could change their entire draft around. Then they could do the following:

#3 - Harrison Barnes, UNC

#14 - Tyler Zeller, UNC

#16 - Terrence Ross, Washington

#32 - Will Barton, Memphis

Houston is reportedly dangling the picks but have no idea if Washington has offered, but they should considering the talent in this draft and the fact there are no free agents of any quality coming here to DC.

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