2014 Intro- Damian Prince

2014 offensive tackle Damian Prince holds 16 offers already, but has Terps high on his list.

He may have just completed his sophomore year of high school, but with 16 offers already, 2014 OT Damian Prince of Bishop McNamara HS is looking at his future.

I want to play for NFL-level coaches. Even if it's not the head coach, it could be a position coach or the Offensive Coordinator that has some professional experience,” said Prince, who added that he's looking for his future school to be “a good home.”

Prince said that he's hearing from three schools the most - USC, Maryland, and Ohio State. So far he has only visited North Carolina and Maryland, the latter of which he has been to “three or four times” since it is so close to his home.

“I like Maryland a lot, it's my hometown school,” he said. “I know a lot of players there and a lot of players who committed to go there already. I really like Coach Edsall, Coach Brattan, and Coach Locksley, so I really like Maryland a lot right about now.”

He has nothing set in stone as far as summer plans yet, though he singled out Virginia and Ohio State as schools he may take trips to.

Prince does not expect distance to be a factor in his decision at this time, and he knows exactly what kind of offense he's looking for.

“I definitely want to play in a pro-style offense,” he said. “I don't feel as though me playing in an option offense or something like that will be able to showcase my talent a lot.”

He prefers pass blocking to run blocking, adding that in an option offense he wouldn't be able to do much pass blocking. He cited balance as his biggest strength on the field, and this past season, he allowed just one sack.

Prince knows he has garnered a lot of early attention, but he's trying to stay focused on just getting better and getting ready for next season.

It feels good, but I feel like if you're good and you take care of business on the field, you're told that you're supposed to get a scholarship,” he said. “I mean, it is a blessing that I don't have to worry about paying to go to college, but I'm just taking care of football first.”

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