Wilson to Plan Trip to Maryland

TE Lucas Wilson is planning on visiting the Terps before he begins to narrow down his options.

Lucas Wilson, a 6-foot-5, 220-pound senior tight end from Winston-Salem, N.C., is planning on making a trip up to College Park, Md. before beginning the process of narrowing down his list of offers.

Wilson said he has been talking to Coach Lee Hull, a fifth year assistant coach at Maryland who oversees the wide receivers. Wilson said that the two have been talking about Wilson making a visit to the Terps later in July.

“I'm going to call them in the next couple of days and try to set something up later this month,” Wilson said. “I look forward to getting up there and meeting with them all.”

Wilson said he has an open mind about Maryland and that he has not begun narrowing down his list of choices. He had seen Maryland play this past season and was particularly intrigued by a particular Maryland tight end, possibly Matt Furstenburg, who was named to the Mackey Award Watch List, according to the Nassau County Sports Commission.

“I'm going up to them wide open,” said Wilson. “I've never been up to Maryland, but I remember this past season, watching one of their tight ends play and I liked how he was used. I remember he had a knee brace, but I liked how he was used.”

Another thing that stood out to Wilson when watching Maryland play was the uniforms they debuted last season.

“They're definitely cool,” Wilson said. “They're definitely some of the nicest uniforms in football. I like them. Some people think they're a little much, but I think they're cool. I like them a lot.”

Wilson said he will begin deciding on which programs he is more interested towards the end of the summer, but he already has a wish list for the program that he ends up deciding to join.

“Definitely looking for academics, coaching staff and the overall feel that I get from the school,” said Wilson. “Distance is a factor but as long as I'm not really far away. Maryland's only about six hours away, that's not too far. It's not like it's the other side of the country so it's not going to negatively affect my decision.”

Wilson had played wide receiver until his junior year at Mount Tabor High, where he played both the wide receiver and tight end positions depending on the formation that his team ran.

“It was something that I did a little before, but it's definitely something to get used to, the tight end position,” Wilson said. “Blocking defensive ends is definitely a lot different from blocking linebackers. It's just something that you got to adjust to and improve on and it's something I still need to improve on.”

Wilson describes himself as an unselfish player and teammate. He also considers himself more of a receiving tight end and claims his ball skills are one of his strength. He said that he needs to work the most on his blocking.

“I started playing football freshman year and played receiver then and sophomore year, said Wilson. “Last year was my first year doing a lot more blocking so I definitely improved throughout the year, but it's something that I need to do and get better at.”

Wilson's mother, Donna Wilson, said she has observed her son's leadership

on the football field, calling it a “strong and mature type of leadership.”

“His leadership is a style that's very strong,” said Donna Wilson. “It's a very high character type of leadership. It seems like he inspires through example. I think the highlight last year with Lucas was this game with a really big competitor. It was a really tough game and it was so close, down to the wire. Lucas had a really game-changing type of catch that set them up to win the game. But after the game, I asked Lucas, 'What did you think you did well?' I just knew he was going to say, 'What do you mean? Did you see that catch?' But he didn't even mention that catch. He said, “You know, I just kept building Mike, the quarterback, his confidence up and I kept my teammate under control, trying to keep him from getting us penalties.' Lucas really thought that was his main contribution to that really great game and that says a lot about Lucas and his character.”

Wilson had 22 receptions for 420 yards last season after sitting out his sophomore football season with an injury to his lower back muscles and a case of mononucleosis, according to Wilson.

“It was an unlucky season for me,” Wilson said. “I came back late in the season, really weak and not in the groove of things. It wasn't too long before the season ended after that and I played basketball and was able to play my basketball season so it wasn't a complete failure.”

Wilson said that he has been compared to Ryan Taylor, the seventh-round pick of the Green Bay Packers and the 218th overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft. Taylor played tight end for the North Carolina Tar Heels before being selected to play in the NFL.

“He graduated from my high school in 2006, was drafted last year by Green Bay,” said Wilson. “He actually was at my practice today and yesterday and worked with me. He's definitely a guy I look up to. I didn't watch him a lot when I was at UNC because I didn't play football then, but I watched some of his senior year and he was a rookie this past season for Green Bay so I didn't get to see him a whole lot on the field. But just growing up and being at Mount Tabor High School, a lot of people say 'you remind me of Ryan Taylor,' so I hear his name a whole lot and people compare me to him. But definitely after these past couple of days, he's been working with me at practice before he goes off to minicamps, so it's been good.”

This offseason, Wilson has visited Air Force and Tennessee and has just come back from a trip to Hawaii where he was visiting a friend.

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