RB Brown Looking to Earn His Stripes

Wes Brown talks teammates, rankings, and his desire to play for the Terps.

Freshman running back Wes Brown was one of the most highly recruited high school running back prospects last season and is looking to help the Terps offense this upcoming season.

Just don't tell Brown about how highly ranked he was in high school because he isn't buying it.

“I do not care about them rankings,” Brown said. “I don't care if I was one in every state or whatever. I'm not going to accept that until I prove what I can do on the field in college as a higher prospect. Then they can rate me and I'll accept it.”

Brown, freshman wide receiver Stefon Diggs and freshman offensive lineman Mike Madaras were all highly ranked players from Our Lady of Good Counsel and find themselves playing on the same team for another four years. Brown said he really appreciates the opportunity to come into a new program with some familiar faces and that it helps make the transition much smoother.

“It feels good because coming in, you don't really know anyone,” Brown said. “So when you have that person to associate with, you don't look like an outcast, like the guy that's walking around all mad and people are wondering, 'What's his problem?' At least they can see the kid in all of us.”

Brown will also have a special chance to play with one of his high school offensive linemen in Madaras. There already exists chemistry between the two after all the years they've played together and Brown is looking forward to see Madaras develop as a player in the college level, according to Brown.

“I would like to see him produce and see what type of man he grows into,” Brown said about Madaras. “Since we already played and they always called him a man in a boy's body. Now he's a man in his man's body at a higher level to see what he can do.”

Our Lady of Good Counsel has one of the best football programs in the nation and is a football powerhouse in the state of Maryland. After being recruited out of the program himself, Brown is trying to convince some of his former teammates to join the Terps as well.

“Only guy I'm really trying to get is Marcel Ngachie,” said Brown. “He's a really talented guy I think Maryland could use anywhere because he's very physical and fast and brilliant. I've never seen a kid so small be so smart with his speed. He's a good prospect.”

With the Terps, Brown has been getting a lot of help from his teammates, including sophomore running back Justus Pickett, who is penciled in as the starter for the season and is the only running back on the roster to have seen any action on game day last season with the Terps.

“Pickett's a really smart guy,” said Brown. “He remembers everything pretty much. He's really good. He doesn't make many mistakes. That's the guy you want to learn from. Him and your fullback. They taught us pretty much throughout the summer, every seven-on-seven and team practice, which was good because we didn't really have to look at our notebooks, like, 'Wait, what do we have?' He was always right there with us, telling us, 'All right, you have this and that.' Then when we go through it again, we don't have any slips because he told us so we should know. He was helping us and quizzing us, which was a good thing.”

Brown has been getting along with other freshmen teammates as well, including running back Albert Reid, linebackers Brock Dean and Abner Logan and fullback Kenny Goins. He has also become friends with senior linebackers Demetrius Hartsfield and Kenny Tate who have already given Brown a nickname.

“They call me Little Gucci,” Brown said, laughing. “That's my nickname. They say I look like Gucci Mane the rapper. I tried to call them Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy, but they said I can't get nicknames out yet because I'm young. I enjoy it.”

Maryland head coach Randy Edsall said that he wants all of his players to play with a chip on their shoulder after last season's 2-10 disappointment. Brown said that even know he wasn't a part of last season's Terps, he still felt the pain of 2011's disaster, which led him to sign with the Maryland Terrapins.

“After talking to Kevin Dorsey, he was like, “You guys don't know what it feels like to go 2-10, so y'all better be ready for camp,'” Brown said. “This is my home state. I know what it feels like. All they say is Maryland football sucks. Not the university, but the state. They're basically basing it off of this university. So I wanted to go here to prove that Maryland football doesn't suck. If we get the right talent, the right people and we work together as a unit, ain't no way in the world we can lose that many games.”

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