Camp Notebook: 8/16

Check out news and notes from the Terps football camp today.

o Today's workout had players in helmets and pads.

o SS Matt Robinson and TE Daniel Adams were seen riding stationary bikes. Maryland head coach Randy Edsall said Robinson will probably be sidelined about three weeks. Adam is a transfer and is ineligible to play this season.

o QB Perry Hills took snaps with the first team offense while QB Caleb Rowe practiced with the second team.

o QB Perry Hills practiced like a starter. He showed great poise in the pocket and made good decisions when to scramble and when to pass and made some nice plays in 11-on-11 drills. On one play, Hills looked off a defender to hit WR Marcus Leak for a long touchdown pass. He had another good pass to WR Kerry Boykins, leading the senior receiver for a catch on a corner out route. And while defenders are not allowed to hit the quarterbacks, Hills has been doing well avoiding the rush in drills.

o QB Rowe seems more raw in his play and his footwork is still shaky. He made some passes in practice, but also overthrew some wide open receivers.

o Former WR Devin Burns wore the yellow quarterback jersey today in practice. He threw the ball well and Edsall commented on how surprised he was by Burns' transition back to the position.

o QB Dustin Dailey, a freshman walk-on, was in charge of catching passes from the other quarterbacks, dropping most of them. This is why he isn't a wideout.

o The running backs are looking really solid. The coaching staff is still very high on RB Brandon Ross who had a couple of nice runs in practice, bouncing to the outside for a big gain on a few occasions.

o RB Justus Pickett had a good run to the left off a sweep during seven-on-sevens and would have had a touchdown run.

o RB Albert Reid continues to have an impressive camp. He shows power in his running and speed in his cuts. If he continues to produce in practice, the coaches could move him over RB Wes Brown.

o TE David Stinebaugh has been impressing the coaching staff, who say that the tight end position is one of the biggest strengths. Stinebaugh had a good pass off a streak route after blowing by LB Bradley Johnson who tried to block him at the line.

o The wide receivers seemed to have shaky hands today in practice. WR Amba Etta-Tawo and WR Nigel King both had passes bounce off of their hands and into the hands of the secondary.

o WR Levern Jacobs has been having a good camp since missing the first few practices because of a failed conditioning test. He caught a pass from Hills during 11-on-11 drills and had a long run after the catch, weaving through the defense.

o WR Stefon Diggs showed off his skills when he caught a screen pass, evaded two defenders with a cut and got a first down on a crucial conversion during practice.

o C Stephen Grommer is still struggling with his shotgun snaps. He isn't going to start, but he could get playing time and if he doesn't fix his snaps, the young quarterbacks could have a lot of trouble during the season. He continued to snap the ball too high, either sailing them over the quarterback's head or making the quarterback jump up for the ball.

o OL Bennett Fulper may play guard or center to start the season, but regardless of his position, he has been blocking extremely well. He made some strong blocks and finished them well during one-on-one blocking drills.

o DE Isaiah Ross continued to impress in camp with his strength. He won't beat out DE Joe Vellano for the starting spot, but he is making a case for decent playing time as a backup.

o The linebackers are still getting the upper hand on the running backs in blocking drills. LB Demetrius Hartsfield had a good spin move to get around RB Joe Riddle, leaving Riddle behind.

o LB Avery Thompson made a diving interception of a Rowe pass that fell short.

o PK Michael Tart was seen kicking field goals and practicing his holds. It appears he is all healthy.

o PK Brendan Magistro struggled today kicking field goals. Most of his kicks were too low, one barely clearing the heads of the defenders before falling to the ground.

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