Offensive Line Looks Good to OL Fulper

Terps' Bennett Fulper is impresed with the young talent on the offensive line.

The offensive line looks different from last year's unit, but senior offensive lineman Bennett Fulper said the Terps will be just fine this season.

Last season's offensive line helped the Terps rush for 169.3 yards per game, third in the ACC, and allowed the fourth fewest sacks in the conference with 1.4 allowed per game. The line lost two of their dominant tackles in Max Garcia and R.J. Dill, who transferred to Florida and Rutgers respectively. Fulper feels that this new offensive line will perform just as well if not better from what he's seen from the unit so far.

“We had three guys here during the summer,” Fulper said. “They all proved themselves. They've been working hard. We had another walk-on come in last night. So far they all worked pretty hard and I'm looking forward to working with them more this summer.”

Another change on the line is that Fulper, a starter at the center position, has been moved over to left guard, giving sophomore center Sal Conaboy the start at Fulper's former position. It is still uncertain whether this will be a permanent change going into the regular season opener on Sept. 1, but Fulper is not worried about changing positions.

“I think it really depends on how camp goes right now,” Fulper said. “That's where I am as of now and I'm kind of looking forward to playing there. I haven't played guard since really early in camp my sophomore year and I'm looking forward to it. We've got a good group of guys that can play pretty versatile positions so I'm looking to get rolling in camp.”

The starters on the line in the preseason are all juniors and seniors with the exception of Conaboy, but the Terps added some talented offensive linemen this offseason in freshman tackle Mike Madaras and freshman guard Nick Brigham, both of whom could compete for a starting spot in the near future. Fulper sees a lot of talent in these young players and said that as a senior, it is his responsibility to make sure the younger players develop into solid offensive linemen.

“They're definitely athletic guys for being that big,” Fulper said. “They could help us. Sooner rather than later would be great, but one good thing about guys coming in like that, they're good athletically. If they aren't going to start, they can help push older guys along and competition always brings out the best of people. Learn your stuff as hard as you can and hard work. [Coach] Brattan really prides himself on having a group of guys who are blue collar, working hard everyday.”

The entire team has been working hard this offseason to prepare for the regular season which starts in September against William & Mary. Fulper, however, is focusing on performing at the best of his abilities at practice.

“Really itching for that first game,” Fulper said. “That's really all we're focused on is William & Mary. We'll take it just one at a time, but right now, just one practice a time to get us ready to that point.”

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