WR Diggs Ignoring the Fanfare

Stefon Diggs does not believe in being entitled, he looks to hearn his way onto the field.

The news of wide receiver Stefon Diggs committing to the Terps sent shockwaves throughout the college football world back in the spring. Now that Diggs is at College Park, he sees himself as just one of the others guys at training camp.

“As of right now, I don't think it's different from a kid coming from a smaller program or anything like that,” Diggs said. “It's the same thing. I don't feel too different from anybody else. Most of all, I'm just ready to be a teammate, be a good teammate to all of my teammates and just work hard.”

Diggs was considered one of the best wide receivers in his class last year and one of the best players from the state of Maryland. The Terps are hoping that Diggs will be able to contribute to the passing game and help out either freshman Caleb Rowe or fellow freshman Perry Hills, whomever gets named the starting quarterback for this season. Diggs will also have an opportunity to compete for a position on special teams, possibly as a kick or punt returner.

“If I get the opportunity, I would like to, yes,” Diggs said. “I like special teams, punt return, kick return, even kickoff. I will play anywhere my coaches need me.”

Diggs has already gotten the opportunity to begin working with his new teammates and already has some very good impressions of the group of men on the team. He said that he is learning from them how to be a better teammate and about working hard.

“They're a great group of guys,” Diggs said. “Very talented individuals, very knowledgeable about what's in the sport right now. They're just a great group of guys who work real hard. That's the only thing I'm picking up, it's a lot of hard work. Just preparing myself and being a good teammate.”

Among his new teammates are some familiar faces in freshman running back Wes Brown and freshman offensive lineman Mike Madaras, both who played with Diggs at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Olney, Md.

“It's a blessing,” said Diggs on playing with his former teammates. “You have some of that team chemistry that you've had previously and you know them well. You know what to expect, a lot of hard work and effort. It's a good feeling.”

The freshmen have all been placed at the bottom of the preseason depth chart. Maryland head coach Randy Edsall said the depth chart was ordered based on spring training, and because most of the freshmen were not present then, they were placed last on the chart, even if they are one of the biggest prospects the program has gotten in years. Diggs is fine with this and believes that the coaching staff are correct in doing so.

“I think that's how it's supposed to be,” Diggs said. “That's how things run. You got to earn it. I just plan on working hard and there's nothing else to it. You're supposed to be at the bottom of the depth chart. I don't mind at all. I haven't done anything to earn it, I haven't even put on pads yet.”

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