Camp Observations: Aug 21

Check out news and notes from the Terps football camp today.

o Today's workout had players in helmets and pads.

o QB Perry Hills is getting more and more comfortable running this Maryland offense. He could be heard yelling at his teams to get ready for plays and encouraging them during drills.

o Hills is throwing to TE Matt Furstenburg more on short pass plays. Furstenburg has had a pretty good camp and made some solid catches in practice.

o Hills had a good pass to WR Kerry Boykins where he threaded the ball between three defenders to hit Boykins who took it down the field for a touchdown during 11-on-11 drills.

o On one play, LB Demetrius Hartsfield got solid pressure on Hills and chased him out of the pocket. Hills made a good decision in throwing the ball away out of bounds and preventing what would have been a sack.

o QB Caleb Rowe is not as composed in the pocket and released the ball too early before his receiver could get to the spot on a few plays. On one play, Rowe overthrew a pass to TE David Stinebaugh that was fortunately caught by WR Nigel King who took it for a touchdown. Rowe made it up to Stinebaugh later in the game, hitting Stinebaugh on a streak for a touchdown.

o Both Hills and Rowe look good when running the quarterback keeper. The defenders are not allowed to hit them, but the quarterbacks have been good in faking the defense into committing to one direction and taking it the other way.

o QB Devin Burns is throwing the ball well, especially on the run. There were a few times where he overthrew his receivers, but he has a tight spiral on his throw and had at least one deep touchdown pass during drills.

o RB Wes Brown looked good today during practice. He was very shifty after breaking through the front line and often ran laterally, finding open holes to run through for some extra yards. On another play, Brown caught a screen pass and dodged at least four defenders once he made it to the secondary.

o RB Albert Reid was showing good burst around the edge in practice. He was injured later during practice, but walked to the side under his own strength with a trainer.

o RB Brandon Ross was also injured. He was seen jogging along the sidelines while the rest of the team ran sprints.

o WR Stefon Diggs got to work with the first team offense as the third receiver. He also practiced with Rowe, catching a screen pass from him and dodging two defenders for a nice gain.

o WR Amba Etta-Tawo had another drop of a screen pass from QB Ricardo Young. Etta-Tawo has not had an impressive camp thus far with his drops.

o C Stephen Grommer's training camp struggles continued. He did not make that many bad snaps today, but he did have a couple of high snaps during drills. The Terps technically have two centers in front of Grommer in starter Sal Conaboy and former starter and current guard Bennett Fulper, so Grommer has some time to develop. He will need to work on cutting down on these mistakes if he hopes to contribute this year.

o LB L.A. Goree was seen practicing with the second team today. He performed well, stopping Reid in the backfield on an option pitch from Rowe.

o SS Clarence Claiborne had a great breakup of a pass from Hills to WR Marcus Leak.

o P/PK Brad Craddock looked good on field goals. He kicked a field goal from beyond the 35-yard line with the ball clanging over the bottom crossbar.

o K Michael Tart kicked an extra point attempt during 11-on-11 drills. His kick attempt missed to the left.

Injury Update

o QB C.J. Brown is be out for the year with a torn ACL and will have surgery on Friday.

o DE Andre Monroe is out for the season with a knee injury.

o DE Keith Bowers will be out for two to three weeks.

o CB A.J. Hendy will be out three to four weeks with an ankle injury.

o K Nick Ferrara is day-to-day.

o LB Kenny Tate will be visiting the doctor for an injury.

o SS Matt Robinson will be out for three to four weeks with a shoulder injury.

o OL Josh Cary is out for three to four weeks.

o DE Isaiah Ross is day-to-day.

o CB Isaac Goins will be out for three weeks with mononucleosis.

o QB Dustin Dailey is out with a high ankle sprain.

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