Norris has "Substantial Interest" in Maryland

ATH Miles Norris is trying to secure more offers, hoping one of them is from the Terps.

Miles Norris, a 6-foot-0, 210-pound athlete from Baltimore, Md. is wrapping up his summer break and is ready to get back to playing football this fall, hoping he'll receive more offers, possibly one from his hometown Maryland Terrapins.

Norris said he has “substantial interest” in the Terps and visited College Park in his sophomore year, watching the Terps fall to Florida State at home, 30-16. He attended Maryland's football camp last offseason and has watched the Terps play whenever their games are broadcasted on television.

“I like the way they play,” Norris said. “I like that even when they are down at times they continue to fight, because you know what a man is made of when he is down, not when he is ahead. Maryland always fights no matter what.”

Norris is also a fan of the Terps' defense. He admitted that he is not as familiar with their entire scheme, but he did note that he liked the recent change to a 3-4 scheme under new defensive coordinator Brian Stewart. He said that with the change in the defense and with the players and coaches the Terps have, they should see a lot of success in the near future.

If Norris receives an offer from the Terps, he'll join some of his former teammates from his high school, Gilman School, including quarterback Shane Cockerille, a commit for 2013, and running back Kenny Goins who has been practicing with the team this offseason.

“I love them both and they are both my brothers,” Norris said. “Playing with them in college would be awesome without a doubt.”

Norris has been getting looks from college programs as a linebacker and as a safety, but he is not concerned about which position he ends up playing, Norris said. The most important thing to him is that he will be playing football and he said he is open to playing whatever position the coach and the team needs him to play.

Norris has had a successful high school career and has shown he can be a solid defender. In his junior season at Gilman School, Norris had 78 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, six sacks, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and one blocked punt, according to Norris. Aside from his play on the field, two of the most important things he can offer are his ability to be a quality teammate and his work ethic, both of which he picked up from watching his hometown hero, linebacker Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, according to Norris.

“I like to think of myself as a good teammate who can be trusted to do his job and be there for his team,” Norris said. “I try and trust what my coaches tell me and I try and trust my instincts and play as tough as I can between whistles. I make it a point to give all that I have for my teammates when I'm on the field, in the weight room or in the off-season. I look up to Ray Lewis. He is the greatest defensive player to ever snap up a chin strap and he says that any ball player should give his all, all of the time, so that is what I try to do. It is impossible to pattern your game off of Ray Lewis because he is the greatest to ever do it, but I pay extreme attention to how he plays, his tactics and his words and I try to do what he does and says, I guess you could say.”

Norris has visited some other colleges including Boston College and Princeton this offseason, though he mentioned that while it was not a priority in choosing a program, he would like to go to a school that was closer to home, like the University of Maryland.

“I love my family with all of my heart and I would like to be close to them, however, if my best option takes me away from them, I will obviously stay in very close contact with them, visit when I can and rely on God to get me through,” said Norris. “I look for a program that encourages its players to be the best they can on the field, in the classroom and as men throughout life.”

Norris holds one offer from Navy and will likely receive more during his senior season in the fall.

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