Terps Pace Six Players on Scholarship

Edsall announces that six players will be placed on scholarship for at least one season, some more

Maryland head coach Randy Edsall announced Tuesday that six of the Terrapins would be placed on a football scholarship for the season, with some receiving a scholarship for more than one year.

“It's not everyday you get the chance to bring young men into your office and sit down and visit with them and talk to them, kids that are paying their own way throughout school here at the University of Maryland,” Edsall said. “To be able to bring them in to tell them that through their hard work, dedication, commitment to the program, that we're able to help them here this year and some have earned the right to be put on scholarship even more than just one year.”

The six players placed on scholarships are safety Clarence Claiborne, linebacker Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil, fullback Jeff Hernandez, running back Kwabena Ofori, long snapper Greg Parcher and nose tackle Alex Walker.

“Just to see the reaction from all these guys, Edsall said. “For some, it was really emotional. To be able to do that just makes you feel good for them and their families, and again, to let those guys know, to everybody, that if you work real hard and have ability and you do what people ask you to do, there's rewards out there for you. For these six young men, I'm just so proud of them, so happy for them and their folks.”

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