Decision 2013

The Harrison brothers will make their highly anticipated college choice on Thursday afternoon. Will it be Maryland or Kentucky?

In this election year, the decision would seem to be Obama or Romney. But around here, Decision 2013 means one thing and one thing only - Maryland or Kentucky for the Harrison twins. To say that Thursday afternoon might be the biggest day in the history of Maryland basketball recruiting-wise would not be an over-statement. The Harrison twins could become the face of Maryland basketball for the 21st century, the two young men who spring-boarded the program back to the national scene and NCAA title contention.

That seems like a lot of pressure on two young men who have yet to bounce a ball outside the high school and AAU environment. But attention and the spotlight are something these two young men have basked in and excelled in every situation and against all competition brought their way. They have shredded every High School guard that has stood before them. They have battled the elite talent of the High School level from coast to coast without taking one step backwards. They are the Yin and Yang of backcourts. You talk about knowing your running mate like a brother - well in this case, it is true to the nth degree. The question on everyone's mind is where will they be bouncing the ball and terrorizing opposing guards next year.

Coach Turgeon has been recruiting the twins since the 7th grade, so it is no surprise that he has not let up one bit since that time. Kentucky has been pursuing the Harrisons with equal fervor and they bring with them a name brand, the seemingly perfect stepping stone to the professional league. For any writer, even a homer, to say that Kentucky would be a bad choice would be false and foolish. I have always felt no matter who Terps were recruiting, when a school such as UNC, Kansas, Duke, Kentucky or Michigan State offers you a basketball scholarship - that is gold. As a recruit, it would be hard to go wrong there. Duke, UNC, Kentucky have all had their share of big time busts - that's just a matter of percentages. The question is one of perspective for the twins.

The question here is do the Harrisons want to make news or history. If the young men commit to Kentucky, that is news. A top player (or players as it stands) committing to Kentucky is an annual occurrence and will hardly shake the rafters of college basketball. You'll get driveled on by Dick Vitale, whose basketball diatribe has ceased to become interesting and was never informative. You'll be on a hell of a team, a favorite for a title no doubt…….and yet, from here, it seems so business-like that there does not seem to have any inspiration or emotion attached. High school to Kentucky to the NBA seems so mapped that it seems to lose its luster because it just seems so much like a foregone conclusion.

The Harrisons to Maryland would be bold - audacious - ephemeral. As I said, they would immediately be the face of Maryland basketball and perhaps the faces of the newly-assembled ACC, now perhaps the strongest basketball conference in the NCAA. Can you imagine the twins hushing the boisterous Duke crowd with dazzling dishes and draining deep treys? It is no secret that friends and family alike want the boys to come to Maryland. From all reports, Mr. Harrison himself is a strong admirer of Mark Turgeon and close friends with Bino Ransom. All the pieces are in place for the young men to step up to the podium and make a bold statement as to their desire to be leaders, trend-setters and create a dynasty rather than perpetuate one. Come Thursday, we will all see just what is on the young men's minds and in their hearts.

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