Ngachie Waiting for More Offers

LB Marcel Ngachie is focusing on this season as he waits for an offer from his hometown school.

Marcel Ngachie has been focusing on his senior season at Our Lady of Good Counsel but he has also been on the lookout for more offers that could be coming his way.

The 6-foot-0, 200-pound linebacker from Olney, Md. expressed interest in playing for the Maryland Terrapins. Ngachie has not yet received an offer from the Terps but said that he has been in contact with them.

“I talked to them a few times,” Ngachie said. “I've talked to them over the summer. I went to their camp and I went to a Maryland game, the first one against William & Mary and the other home game against UConn. I've been speaking to them fairly frequently.”

Another reason why Ngachie finds Maryland so appealing is that he would have an opportunity to play with three of his high school teammates. Freshman wide receiver Stefon Diggs, freshman running back Wes Brown and freshman offensive lineman Mike Madaras have all gotten considerable playing time this season and appear to be the face of Terrapin football for the next few years.

“I'm sure they made the right decision [going to Maryland],” Ngachie said. “They were all All-Americans, all-stars, whatever you want to call them athletes. They had plenty of offers and they decided to stay home. I have no problem with that. I'm glad to see them play. I'm really close to them personally and they're really doing their thing out there.”

Wes Brown has publicly talked about his relationship with Ngachie and his desire for his high school teammate to join him as a Terp. Ngachie said his relationship with Brown goes far back and that the two frequently communicate with each other.

“He's truly a brother to me,” said Ngachie. “I mean, he really supported me from the time I got here to now. Our relationship can only get stronger. I'll always support him, try to come to as many games as possible, text him when I can't come. He's really helped me become better over the years through practice. I'll go against him in practice. He'll try run me over and we'll just keep hitting each other trying to make each other stronger, pushing each other in the offseason.”

The location of the campus is also a big draw for Ngachie who said he would like to have the option to stay close to home though he also said that distance would not be a factor in his college decision. He said he is looking for a program that has quality academics and is a place where he fits in. He said he would like to play early and have the coaching staff bring him in slowly so he can learn faster.

“Geographically, I literally live like five minutes away, legit in my backyard, but that's really a plus,” Ngachie said. “Being extremely close to home, my parents can come see me play, my support back here is in Maryland and it would be good to have that option to stay home. I don't have that option yet but it'd be nice.”

Ngachie has been getting looks from most programs as an outside linebacker and strong safety. He said he needs to work on getting better at making reads and getting stronger to keep up with the competition at the college level. He said one of his greatest strengths as a defender is his intensity when playing the game.

“I don't think I take plays off,” Ngachie said. “I like to bring it every play aggressively as hard as possible and try to do everything one hundred percent. I'm going to make mistakes. I'm not perfect but I try to put my best effort on the field.”

For his size, many scouts see Ngachie as being small for a linebacker, leading him to look up to undersized linebackers like NFL free agent Brian Rolle, Sean Spence of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ngachie's cousin, Moise Fokou of the Indianapolis Colts and a former Maryland Terrapin.

“They were always told they were undersized and proved everyone wrong,” Ngachie said. “Everyone says I'm an undersized linebacker and I can't this and I can't do that and I love to go out every game and prove them wrong.”

For now, Ngachie can only put his all into this upcoming season. “We're taking everything one game at a time, trying to get better everyday,” he said.

Ngachie holds offers from Delaware, Hawaii, Syracuse and Virginia.

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