Dennah Ready for College Park

2013 safety Elvis Dennah is excited about his opportunity to play for his hometown team.

Some football players might be uncaring and have a negative impact in the locker room if they were in the same situation as Elvis Dennah. Dennah's Annapolis Area Christian team is ultimately in rebuilding mode, as they are 0-6 in his senior season while he has already committed to be a Maryland Terrapin next year. However, Dennah is looking at this situation as a glass half full. “This is an opportunity for me to help the younger guys along with my senior teammates and coaches to build the program and have the younger guys look up to us,” Dennah said. “It is a learning process as well and I can't slack off.”

Working hard and not slacking off were Dennah's main goals this offseason in preparing for not only his senior season but for the transition from the high school game to the college game. “I want to gain more knowledge about the game of football,” Dennah said. “There's a lot more stuff I can learn and improve on so I have to keeping working hard.” Dennah's head coach at Annapolis Area Christian, Ken Lucas, echoed Dennah's mantra of hard work. “He's a kid that speculates that he has to work for what he gets,” Lucas said, “He's willing to put work and time to see the results.”

Dennah is ready to play safety for the Terrapins in the future but still cannot believe the chance he's been given. “It's unbelievable to be able to represent the state you are from. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity that most guys don't get,” Dennah said. He has attended Maryland's games this year against William & Mary and Wake Forest and it is still surreal for him that he will playing in front of these crowds in the near future. He still plans to take his official visit after football season, but it will be nothing different in his mind. “I live so close that I can just up there whenever I want. It feels like home already,” Dennah said. Dennah remains 100 percent committed to Maryland and stopped listening to other schools once he committed to Maryland.

Dennah is also advocating other 2014 recruits to join him at Maryland. One player he named in particular is his Annapolis Area Christian teammate Demetrius Johnson. “I wouldn't mind playing with him. He works hard and I wouldn't mind going all out with him. We all agree it's a blessing we have a wonderful opportunity ahead of us and we want to build the program up.”

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