2014 Defensive End Shows Interest in Maryland

Andrew Trumbetti's top two schools at the moment are ND and Rutgers, but that could change soon.

Andrew Trumbetti, like so many others, recognizes the youth and potential on this current Maryland team.

“I feel down the road when they get older, stronger, and faster they will be a really good team,” Trumbetti said. “That intrigues me because maybe I could play early there.”

The interest is mutual.

“One of the coaches, my recruiting coordinator [inside linebackers coach Keith Dudzinski], Facebooks me a lot,” Trumbetti, a 6-foot-5, 250-pounder, said. “I get a lot of letters from Maryland. I get a lot basically from them.”

If Maryland gets Trumbetti they'll be getting a self-proclaimed physical defensive end who models his game after Clay Matthews.

“If you watch me all my moves are basically moves Clay Matthews does,” Trumbetti said. “I try to be him sometimes, his playing style.”

Trumbetti has worked on adding more moves to his game this year, after having to rely on his brute strength to beat offensive lineman last season.

“Last year I didn't have many moves, so I had to shouldered my way though them,” Trumbetti said.

Trumbetti currently has offers from schools like Notre Dame, Maryland, Rutgers, Virginia, and Boston College.

Trumbetti is hesitant to name a top five or list of favorites. However, he is showing a little extra interest in a couple of schools- the two schools whose camps he attended this summer- Rutgers and Notre Dame.

“I mean I don't want to say I have any favorites right now,” Trumbetti said. “I haven't visited any schools, so I don't really know. Right now, I really Notre Dame and Rutgers. I been a Notre Dame fan since I was young, and Rutgers is my state school. Those are my two standouts right now.”

But as Trumbetti said, it's still early days; he still hasn't planned any visits to colleges this winter and spring.

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