Terps Alum Marissa Coleman Reacts

TSR caught up with Marissa Coleman and found out her thoughts on the Terps move.

Former Terp and current Los Angeles Spark, Marissa Coleman joins us to share her thougths on the decision to join the Big Ten.

What is your impression of the Terps move to the Big 10?

Right now, I'm pretty disappointed. I have so many ACC memories, and not just from my playing days. I remember coming to watch games back in Cole Field House. I remember watching Duke/MD men's and women's games. Those are some of the greatest games in not only Maryland history, but ACC history as well. It doesn't get better in women's basketball than playing against Duke or UNC in front of 17,000+ in comcast center.

Does this make MD clear favorites to win the Big 10 every year?

From a women's basketball stand point, I think we will be the clear favorites every year. I may be a bit bias, but if you look at the competition we face just in conference, you don't see that in every conference. I remember at one time while I was in school, the ACC had the top 3 teams in the poll. As far as other sports, (soccer, field hockey, lacrosse), every year those teams are in a Final Four or competing /winning a National Championship. They will be clear and obvious favorites.

How do you think it changes the landscape of women's basketball?

In the long run, it may help the strength of women's basketball. If you look at a team like Maryland, who is a National power house, (and everyone knows and loves to watch play), moving to a new conference will help get other teams seen and grow the sport. Teams that might not usual get that spotlight, playing a team like Maryland will give them some attention, put them on the big stage. (and that is not taking away anything from the Big 10 or those teams)

What will future Terps miss in not being able to play Duke and UNC every year and continuing that tradition?

I think that is the part that bothers me the most. One of the main reasons I came to Maryland was for those games. We lived for those games while we all played there. I don't think there is anything better than playing in Comcast with 17,000+ fans cheering for you. Playing in Cameron indoor, such a historic arena, the Cameron crazies, K-Ville. Playing in Carmichael Arena at UNC, the house MJ built. There is just so much history in those arenas alone. Growing up, you envision yourself in those situations, in those arenas. The rivalry with Duke has grown over the past decade since Coach B has came to Maryland, especially after we beat them for the National Championship, the games are even more amped and heated now.

With all that said, it gives future Terps a unique opportunity to create their own rivalries. They can be the ones to start the rivalries between OSU, PSU, Purdue etc. After all, the DUKE/MD, UNC/MD rivalries started from some where too.

What is your opinion on conference realignment as a whole?

I am not a fan at all. I am big on tradition and I think the conference realignment ruins what so many athletes have worked so hard for. It is especially hard for alumni who love their schools so much, and have so many memories, then it just changes. A lot of games you looked forward to are gone. Also, for many high school students and student-athletes when applying to school, tradition is a huge factor!

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