Taylor has Terps in Early Top Five

2015 prospect Garrett Taylor has the Terps in his top five despite being just a sophomore.

Many recruits aren't in favor of Maryland's move to the Big Ten conference, but Garrett Taylor isn't one of them.

“I actually like [the move] a lot,” Taylor said. “You look at the Big Ten and all the schools they have, and it's a really competitive football conference.”

Taylor took an unofficial visit to Maryland on November 17th for the Maryland-FSU game.

“I didn't know what to expect, but when we got there and went to the Gossett Field House I was actually really excited.”

Taylor thought Maryland's Under Armour uniforms were especially nice and also thought the weight room looked good. Even the team didn't look too bad according to Taylor.

“The stadium was nice, the team was really impressive too,” Taylor said. “They were struggling because they were on their fifth-string quarterback, but I was impressed with the facilities.”

The visit wasn't the first time Taylor had noticed Maryland's uniforms though.

“Maryland, one, the uniforms are pretty eye opening,” Taylor said. “Their Under Armour uniforms were pretty nice. I saw the white out uniforms against West Virgina. They caught my attention.”

After the visit, Taylor called attendance of Maryland's team camp this summer “one of my top priorities.”

Obviously, the Terrapins aren't the only school he's hoping to visit this summer.

“I'm hoping to get down to a Clemson camp, also an LSU camp, Tennessee, and definitely a Maryland camp,” Taylor said.

Tennessee is another school that has caught Taylor's interest when he took an unofficial visit there this year.

“I was really impressed with Tennessee the most,” Taylor said. “They just finished renovating their facilities. They have a brand new weight room and an indoor practice field.”

Taylor, though only a sophomore, has already had extended contact with his Maryland recruiting coordinator, Tom Brattan, the offensive line coach.

“The contact was really good. I sat down with [Tom Brattan],” Taylor said. “We had a really good conversation. He said the type of cornerbacks they were looking for are my size.”

Though young, Taylor believes he's morphing into a leader of sorts.

“I think a lot of people on my team look up to me, especially in the defensive back group,” Taylor said. “I been starting since I was a freshman. I have a lot of experience and my teammates look up to me because of that.”

According to Taylor, his defensive coordinator at St. Christopher's School (Richmond, VA) instructs him to lock down the other's team top receiving threat before most games.

That's big responsibility for a sophomore, but Taylor seems to have handled the pressure well. He finished the season with 4 interceptions, 26 total tackles, and was named to the first-team all-prep.

Taylor credited Matthew Barkley, one of his defensive back coaches, for helping him become so successful. Taylor said Barkley has helped teach him the correct technique to use and also shown him to jam receivers coming off the line of scrimmage, disrupting their route timing.

Barkley's tips have surely helped Taylor become a hot commodity among colleges.

In fact, Taylor got his first offer on November 1st from North Carolina, a school that also in Taylor's top five.

“As of now I would definitely say my top school I'm hoping to get an offer from is Tennessee, then North Carolina, then definitely Maryland,” Taylor said. “After I been up there for the visit, Maryland is high up there.” Virginia and Virginia Tech are the other two schools rounding out Taylor's top five.

Taylor is hoping for more offers.

“Hopefully by spring or summer the recruiting process will pick up some more,” Taylor said. “I'm meeting with my high school football coach to talk about it on Tuesday.”

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