A Coaches Take

TSR spoke with Maryland commit Jalen Brooks' head coach Bob Sphire

A Coaches Take: Jalen Brooks coach Bob Sphire

What type of player is Jalen?

He's pretty versatile. He played a little more in the secondary last year as a junior in terms of playing a strong safety type of position. This year he played outside linebacker, he got a little bigger and a little thicker. He can play out in space or he can play in space, either one.

What are Jalen's strengths and weaknesses as a linebacker?

He's got a pretty good nose for the football and I think he's probably a little better out in space now coming from the secondary last year. He needs to get a little bigger if he plays in the box just in terms of the physicality of the straight ahead isolation play, he hasn't really been that inside guy.

What position do you see him playing at the college level?

Probably outside linebacker. It just depends how much bigger they get him whether he plays strong side or weak side but I see him really as an outside linebacker type guy.

What type of person is Jalen off the field?

He's a great kid. Very much first class, yes sir, no sir, respectful kid, He's hard working in the classroom, really a good teammate. He's about team first, very unselfish. He's really well rounded and very likeable.

Would you describe Jalen as a vocal leader or someone who leads more by example?

He's not extremely vocal in terms of a leader. But he leads by example, he works and he goes about his business. He is where he's supposed to be doing what he's supposed to be doing. He's going to be on time for meetings, he's going to study the things that they're working on and be prepared for the next session. He's really going to lead more by example, but when he does speak they listen. There are a couple times where he stepped to the front, but that's not really his forte.

What are some things Jalen needs to work on to earn playing time next year?

It depends on how they try to use him, if they try to play him more inside he'll have to become a more downhill guy, but if they keep him out in space he should be fine hes pretty well adapted to that already.

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