Coaches' Take- Jajuan Dulaney

TSR spoke with Kyle Hockman, head coach at McEachern High School (Georgia), about JaJuan Dulaney.

TSR: What kind of player and teammate was Jajuan while playing for you at McEachern?

KH: Well on the field he was a dominating left tackle, “Blind Side” type of guy; good feet, good pass protection, we had him pull a lot, and great toughness. He brought a lot of toughness and a kind of defensive mentality to our offense by being really physical and going after guys. Off the field, and really on the field as well, he was a great leader; everybody listened when he talked, he's always been very focused on his goals and he was a real team guy that bought into what we are doing here.

TSR: Jajuan mentioned that there is a similarity between the offense you run at McEachern and what he'll be playing at Maryland; can you talk about what his role was in your offense?

KH: He's a real good run blocker and he's really good in space, so that's important to handle defensive ends. When running [spread, pistol] you have to get to the second level quickly; he was athletic enough to move up and get those guys. His abilities allowed us to do more things with our offense.

TSR: One of the things Jajuan said he needed to work on before getting to College Park is his physical stature, do you think he still needs to bulk up to be ready for college ball?

KH: No question, I think that's true with almost every lineman [coming out of high school]. It's one of the toughest positions to just come in and play. He's worked very hard; he's gotten to about 275 [pounds] and he sees starters at the next level closer to 300 [pounds], so he knows he needs to stay in the weight room.

TSR: What role do you see him playing at Maryland?

KH: I'm not 100 percent sure, I mean they talked about him playing guard, but he could do either one pretty well. Right now I would say he's best suited for left tackle to block smaller defensive ends than big defensive tackles.

TSR: The big news around Maryland athletics has been the move to the Big Ten conference; what do you think about it in regard to your players going to College Park?

KH: I would say it doesn't really affect me more than on a personal level; for Jajuan, the program is very excited for him and obviously the Big Ten is a stable conference, so it only helps the student athletes.

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