Ground-breaking news for Terrapin fans

There are some major changes coming to the, find out who is making them and what fans can expect...

Hello Maryland fans, My name is Rachel Klein, and I am extremely excited to be taking over as the new publisher of the University of Maryland site.

The publisher is not the only thing changing here on the Turtle Sports Report...

The most important changes that you will notice, will be the coverage.

From here on out, Turtle Sports Report will provide you with:

- Extensive coverage of recruits and recruiting news

- Breaking News

-Daily practice reports

- In-depth coverage of games, practices, press conference and media days

- Video interviews with players and coaches

Now that you know about the changes that will be happening on the site, I want you to know that the person taking over (me) is not merely someone fulfilling a contract.

I attended my first Maryland basketball game when I was three years old.

My favorite article of clothing growing up? An extra-large Exree Hipp jersey that my Dad gave me for my seventh birthday.

My family has season tickets to Maryland football and basketball games and I was raised with unrelenting passion for the Maryland Athletics.

I learned some of my greatest life lessons in Cole Fieldhouse and Byrd Stadium.

I'll never forget my first...upset that is. It was 1995, and the unranked Terrapins beat the top-ranked Tar Heels. I thought, "It can't get any better than this."

Then, there were the hard lessons. January 27, 2001: the 56 seconds that changed my life forever.

From that day on, no lead was ever safe in my eyes.

I had to re-live this lesson later that March, as my Dad and I lost our voices while we witnessed Duke erase a 22-point Maryland lead in the Final Four.

There have also been the high times; the most obvious would be winning the National Championship in 2002.

I remember the excitement Ralph Friedgen brought to the football program those first few years and the joy of seeing the "Good ‘Ol Rocky Top" slowly sucked out of the Tennessee fans as Maryland steamed rolled the Volunteers 30-3, in the Peach Bowl, and a year later, seeing the Mountaineers go down in the Gator Bowl.

My days of living vicariously through the Terps translated into a successful collegiate athletic career of my own. I attended Boston University, where I was the starting goalie (yes, playing this position proves I am not fully stable) for their Division I lacrosse team. We won five America East Championships and earned five NCAA Tournament berths.

Even in Boston, a city with tremendous pride for its sports teams, I found a contingency of Maryland fans. Whether it was attending Maryland games at Boston College, or huddling around a computer listening to Johnny Holliday's call of the game, our passion for the Terps was a common bond that united us all.

I have spent my whole life as a Maryland fan, but after graduating from college I turned in my "fan hat," for a cloak of objectivity as I pursued a career in journalism.

My journey as a reporter and journalist took me to Chicago but I came back to Maryland for this opportunity.

I did not take this job for the money, I took this job for the opportunity to fuse my two passions in life: sports journalism and the Terps. I will bring the passion of a fan, drive of a collegiate athlete, objectivity of a journalist to make the Turtle Sports Report a place Maryland fans can count on.

Fox Sports and have the most extensive team of analysts throughout the country, and my work and their daily contributions will set this site apart from other sites.

Most importantly, besides providing you with in-depth coverage of Maryland athletic events and recruiting, I want to get you, the Terps fans, involved. Please do not hesitate to give me your feedback on this site as I try to make Turtle Sports Report the best it can be. I encourage you guys to give me any feedback on the site and I will be there to answer any questions you have on the premium forums.

I could not be more excited for the opportunity to cover a program I am so passionate about and I cannot wait to share my journey with you.

Thank you, and see you on the boards!

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