Locksley Just Getting Started

Gilman (Baltimore, Md.) School sophomore Kai Locksley is just getting started in his recruiting process. He discussed the possibility of playing for his dad and his first true college visit with TurtleSportsReport.com...

The recruiting process is just getting started for Gilman School (Baltimore, Md.) sophomore Kai Locksley. Locksley's name should be familiar for Maryland fans. The 6-foot-4, 180-pound sophomore is the son of Maryland offensive coordinator Mike Locksley.

"Playing for my dad would be a dream come true," said Locksley. "He wasn't able to be there a lot when I was younger because being a football coach kind of consumes all your time, so it would definitely be awesome."

"But it also has a negative side too," said Locksley. "When you playing for your dad you know he will be harder on you than everyone else."

Maryland has been showing interest in Locksley and he has been out to campus several times.

"I love it there," said Locksley. "I think it is absolutely great. Maryland is like the Oregon of Under Armour. They brought in a lot of new guys and I think they are a program on the rise."

In the meantime, Locksley is focused on improving more as a player this offseason after playing wide receiver for the first time in his career last year.

"It was tough getting into receiver mode because I had never played that position before," said Locksley, who will compete to be Gilman's starting quarterback this season. "Now that I have had to practice those routes and do them myself, I feel like I have better timing with everything.

"The experience helped me understand what the receivers are going through because it is easy to get mad when they don't make a cut or a catch, but now I can see why. So, it helps me get on the same page as the receivers."

Locksley has spent the offseason working on his footwork and timing.

"You can always practice throwing but footwork is most important part for a quarterback," said Locksley. "Footwork has so much to do with your timing, so I am really focused on getting more precise and efficient."

Gilman assistant coach Henry Russell sees potential in the young signal caller. "He is a versatile player and got a few reps under center last year," said Russell. "I know he has been working hard this offseason but he still has to compete for the quarterback spot."

Locksley might be early in his recruiting process, but he already has an idea of what he is looking for in his future program.

"I want to go to a place I am comfortable with and can be myself," said Locksley. "Football-wise I just want to go somewhere I can compete my freshman year, you don't want to just go somewhere if you know your just going to sit."

Last weekend, Locksley went on his first college visit to Rutgers and was impressed with his experience, "I really didn't know Rutgers had all that to offer," said Locksley. "The facilities there were amazing."

Right now, Locksley says he is just staying patient and keeping his options open but keep an eye out for this potential prospect in the 2015 class.

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