Gray Ecstatic About Offer

Chardon (Ohio) High tight end Andrew Gray was thrilled about landing an offer from the University of Maryland. Could Gray be ready to commit? Find out here...

Chardon (Ohio) High tight end Andrew Gray has been attracting attention from several programs and he recently picked up his seventh offer from the University of Maryland. Terps assistant coach Greg Gattuso made the trip out to Ohio to check out the tight end, who specializes in blocking in Chardon's run heavy offense.

"My coach said, I am getting recruited for my blocking so that has really given me an advantage," said Gray, who caught 12-of-15 passes and three touchdowns last season. "We run the Wing T so we don't pass too much in our offense. I am on the play side and we run a lot of jets around my end so that is just part of my position, you have to be a good blocker."

Gattuso informed Chardon's head coach Mitch Hewitt about Gray's offer on May 7 and the next day the Hilltoppers' tight end called Gattuso to make things official.

"It was really exciting. When my coach told me I was just pumped that that big of a school was offering me," Bray said. "I mean it's like a dream just to be able to get a Division I offer and then when that kind of school comes into the mix…it's just awesome to get that experience. "

Gray added, "Every level up it's just even more exciting, especially thinking about how big of a program it is and growing up watching them on TV. Now to actually have a chance to play at that school its pretty cool."

Besides seeing Maryland play on TV a few times, Gray was not too familiar with the program but he is looking forward to learning more about the Terps.

"I do not know too much yet," Gray said. "Coach Gattuso said he will fill me in as the week goes on, so I will be emailing him and Coach Edsall, maybe some of the other coaches up there. I will definitely be looking into [Maryland] more now that the offer is on the table."

Gray has never been to the Maryland/D.C. area, but he is excited to get out to the East Coast for the first time.

"I hope to get out there as soon as it fits into my schedule " Gray said. "I would really like to see [Maryland] because that is one of my bigger offers and I just want to get out there as soon as possible."

When Chardon tight end does make it out to College Park he will be looking for a few key criteria.

"The first thing is academics because that is what I am going to use my whole life. I mean football doesn't last forever," Gray said. "Another big factor is the people."

He continued, "You have to relate well to the people you are playing with and playing for because if you don't like your teammates you are not going to play as hard for them. I know that is how we are at Chardon. Our team just plays great together."

Gray, who grew up surrounded by Big Ten teams in Ohio, was especially excited about Maryland's move to the Big Ten conference.

"That is a really big thing. All the big name teams I grew up watching are in the Big Ten," Gray said. "So now seeing Maryland in the Big Ten and knowing I have an offer there, it's just really awesome to think about."

At this point Gray said he is looking at all of his options but a commitment is not completely out of the question.

"I mean if I found the right school and I talked it over with my family, then yeah, I would commit to whatever school that was," Gray said. "I just haven't got to that point yet."

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