Midwest OT Excited About Offer

Maine South (Park Ridge, Ill.) three-star offensive tackle Brendan Brosnan is one of the hottest prospects in the Midwest. Brosnan has picked up a number of new offers over the past month, including one from Maryland…

Park Ridge (Ill.) Maine South three-star offensive tackle Brendan Brosnan continues to attract attention on the recruiting trail. The recent surge in attention has a lot to do with Brosnan's physical transformation over the past year or so.

‘'Freshman and sophomore year I was about 6-foot-3 and 170- pounds, so I was literally all skin and bones," said Brosnan, who has put on about 100-pounds within a year and eight months. "I just started lifting a lot. We have a great off season program at Maine South, plus I was lifting a little more on top of that and just trying to eat right and put on the weight the right way."

The now 6-foot-6, 275-pound Brosnan has already noticed a significant change in his game.

"I have picked up speed and I am constantly improving as I develop into my body," Brosnan said. "I have been lifting a lot and trying to get bigger, faster, and stronger because I love seeing the changes that are going on in my game right now."

Brosnan added, "I think my best football is still ahead of me and I just can't wait."

A number of teams certainly seem to agree with Brosnan's prediction, including Maryland. With the Terps looking to build their front seven, it should be no surprise that they recently extended an offer to the Midwest prospect.

"I was really excited and I am very interested in Maryland," Brosnan said. "I have done some research and I like what I see and what they have to offer. Now the next step is just getting out there and visiting."

Brosnan said he has built a good relationship with his recruiter Tom Brattan and the two joke around about the biggest joke-…I mean baseball team, in the Windy City.

"He (Brattan) brings up the Cubs a lot because I was wearing a Cubs shirt when I first met him, but it's funny because but I don't even like the Cubs," Brosan laughed. "I told him (Brattan), ‘you watch the Cubs more than I do!' I have only seen half of a game this year and he has been to a few."

The Hawks junior said he also got a chance to talk to Maryland head coach Randy Edsall.

"He (Edsall) said they are looking for a kid exactly like me. A long, athletic build and they were really impressed with my film," Brosnan said. "He said it looked like I was a competitor out there and he liked the way I played through the whistle.

"He said they have to get me out there (to Maryland) and he said I he know I would love it."

Brosnan said Maryland's move to the Big Ten was something that definitely appealed to him as a native of Midwest.

"It does make it more appealing, it's not a total game changer or anything but it's pretty cool because you know the Midwest is Big Ten country," Brosnan said. "Now that they are coming to the conference it would be pretty cool to play against those teams I grew up watching."

While the process has picked up rather quickly, Maryland seems to be in a good position with Brosnan early on.

"I haven't even had time to put together a list, but Maryland is definitely up there… I would say top 3 for sure," Brosnan said. "Nothing is permanent yet, but that's where I am right now. I am just trying to see what schools are best for me."

So exactly how will Brosnan figure that out? He said there are several different factors that will go into play.

"It's a bunch of different factors. Most importantly, I am looking for the place where I can feel comfortable spending the next four or five years of my college career playing and going to school," said Brosnan, whose GPA is just over a 4.0. "I want to go to a school that is strong football wise and is also strong academically because I am a very good student.

"I take my grades really seriously and I plan to do so in college as well and same goes for football, so just trying to find the right fit on both ends."

Brosnan is not exactly sure what he wants to study although he said it will most likely have something to do with business.

Trying to balance football and academics can be a struggle for most student-athletes, but Brosnan is already an expert on time management.

"It Its been pretty crazy lately, I have a part time job as a movie theater usher, school is obviously pretty demanding right now and just trying to get after it with football, plus my school clubs," Brosnan said. "So it is kind of balancing a lot, but I have four brothers and three younger brothers to take care of so I think I have good time management skills and its always fun, I like being busy."

Brosnan is close with his family and he said they have been a great support system for him thus far in the recruiting process.

"They have been doing a lot of research and have been a big part of everything. I like talking to them about my decision and I will continue to lean on them in the future, they have jut been great," Brosnan said. "They said they would support whatever decision I make, but they are urging me to a school that is strong academically like a Maryland."

The three-star prospect is trying to squeeze one more thing in his busy schedule, visits. Brosnan recently made a few trips out to the east coast taking visits to Syracuse and Boston College.

"I don't have a date to visit Maryland yet," Brosnan said. "It will probably be within the next few months."

Brosnan said with the recent attention he will probably take some more time before making a decision, but that is not written in stone.

"I am going to have to give it a few more month just because of everything that has happened in the last couple months," Brosnan said. "I want to give it a little more time."

Brosnan added, "But I mean if I am starting to feel pressure from some schools and I know I want to go somewhere I will choose it if I know it is the right place for me."

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