Shaw Picks Terps

Spring Grove (Pa.) High junior defensive lineman David Shaw committed to Maryland and Spring Grove Athletic Director Scott Govern gives the inside scoop to FoxSportsNEXT...

Maryland kicked off the first week of June with some excitement, picking up the fourth member of the 2014 class, Spring Grove (Pa.) High junior defensive lineman David Shaw.

Shaw, is the youngest of 10 kids and his family has a long-line of football history. David's father, James Shaw, played football at Colgate and his two older brothers John and Jim started for Penn State in the early 2000's.

Spring Grove (Pa.) High Athletic Director Scott Govern said Maryland fans have a lot to look forward to with the 6-foot-6, 275-pound lineman.

"The one thing about David that is different then most big kids is his motor. He just does not stop going," Govern said. "He is not just a huge stiff kid, he can run and he is as strong as a horse. He just plays from whistle to whistle, there is no let up."

This was Govern's first year serving as the Athletic Director at Spring Grove and even in that short amount of time he could recognize Shaw's potential.

"I was a football guy so I am watching this kid and I a thinking this kid is going to be a big time Division I kid because of his size alone and then you add his motor and the fact that he will do anything you tell him, it is just special," Govern said. "He is the nicest kid in the world and just a great kid to talk to and as an athlete he is a big kid, but very athletic for his size."

Although Shaw plays for Spring Grove he is actually home-schooled and he helps out with the family business, worm farming. Govern said that David also trains on his own with his family in addition to his workouts at Spring Grove.

"David' s family situation is unique because his dad puts him through workouts before he even comes to our place," Govern said. "The kid is a machine."

Govern said that Shaw's decision was even more significant given that both of the older Shaw brothers went to Penn State and much of that had to do with Maryland's coaching staff.

"The Maryland coaches were out here all the time, they have been on him real hard," Govern said. "The defensive line coach Greg Gattuso has been here three times, Coach Dunn has been here numerous times and Coach Edsall has been here as well."

Temple, Connecticut and Penn State were all also pursuing the All-YAIAA lineman but in the end Shaw picked the Terps.

Govern continued, "I think he chose Maryland because of proximity, he felt he had a good connection with the coaches and [Maryland] was place he could have a shot at coming in and playing right away."

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