Burke Kicks Off a Series of Visits

Coatesville Area (Pa.) Senior High School 2014 athlete Tyler Burke has three schools at the top of his list and he talks about each school with FoxSportsNEXT.

Coatesville Area (Pa.) Senior High School 2014 linebacker and tight end Tyler Burke has three schools at the top of his list, Maryland, Rutgers and Wisconsin. Now Burke is hitting each campus and taking the next step toward making a decision.

"I am going to Rutgers on June 11 and Maryland probably sometime between the 23 to the 27 before I go out to Wisconsin on the 28," Burke said. "Then I will probably take some time to think about the visits and make a decision."

Burke, who will be visiting Rutgers today, said he is looking forward to getting back on campus and meeting with the coaches.

"I know there has been a lot of stuff going on but that doesn't really have anything to do with the football program," Burke said. "Coach Flood is doing some great stuff over there. The defense line has been in the top 10 in the nation now for a few years."

In addition to Rutgers, Burke is also planning a trip to Maryland. He has already been to College Park several times so there is not too much more he needs to see.

Burke said he continues to hear from his recruiter at Maryland John Dunn.

"We [Dunn and I] talk about once a week, he just keeps telling me how much they like me," Burke said. "I still feel really good about where thing are with Maryland. I am looking forward to getting back out there."

After Maryland, Burke will finish up his visits with a trip to Madison, Wis. on June 28. Rutgers and Maryland are both firmly in play for Burke, however Wisconsin is much more of a wild card at this point.

"I mean I know Wisconsin is a great school and everything but it is a little bit far away," Burke said. "I kind of don't want to go too far away, but I know when I go out there I am either going to love it or I am going to hate it."

Burke said he hopes to come to a decision soon after his visits conclude.

"It will probably just come down to what school I like better on the visits," Burke said. "Hopefully I can make my decision sometime around July and if not I might take some more visits but I think I should be able to figure it out after these trips."

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