Four-star LB Recaps Visit

Gilman (Baltimore, Md.) School four-star linebacker Melvin Keihn talks about his recent trip to College Park, and how on this trip he really got the chance to truly experience College Park.

Gilman (Baltimore, Md.) School linebacker Melvin Keihn has already been to College Park several times and he was back on campus on June 12 to get another look at his hometown school.

"It was a great visit, I got to see how the players get around and how close they live to their classes. The whole campus really," said Keihn, who plans to major in engineering. "I saw some of the classrooms and learned a lot about the academics."

Academics are a major priority for Keihn and he spent much of his visit learning about the opportunities available for the student-athletes at Maryland.

"I sat down with a lot of the academic advisors and we talked about the different kind of engineering they offer. I want to go specific type of engineering, like architecture and building houses," Keihn said. "We talked about what kind of support they offer for the players, especially the freshman. I really liked what they had to offer academically."

After his tour of campus, Keihn got some time to sit down one-on-one with head coach Randy Edsall.

"It was really interesting because Coach Edsall didn't really say anything about football. I liked it because it was a really personal conversation," Keihn said. "He [Edsall] said how he wants kids to get an education and he cares about his players getting a degree so they can be successful later."

Keihn said his personal conversation with Edsall gave him a different perspective of Terps head coach and the University as a whole.

"Getting to sit down one-on-one with Coach Edsall and learning more about the academics made me realize that Maryland has a lot more to offer than just football," Keihn said. "They have some great academic opportunities at the school and even after you leave."

Keihn did get a chance to talk football when he met with his position coach Lyndon Johnson.

"We went over some plays and he showed me what they do in practice. It was really interesting to see what they do with the outside linebackers," Keihn said. "When I saw the pass rush moves it was interesting because they are really similar to what I am doing now. They use the dip, the chop and the extension that's all stuff I work on so it would be easy for me to keep getting better."

Keihn's visit definitely made an impression and Maryland might have earned a few points with the Greyhounds stand out.

"I mean they are my hometown school and I really like them for their football and everything else too," Keihn said. "They have a great chance with me to tell you the truth. I would even want to go there without football. They have a lot to offer.

Keihn plans on taking a few more visits this summer before narrowing his list, including a trip to North Carolina on July 18 and a possible visit to Florida State.

"All they schools I have visited are all pretty equal right now, so I am probably going to take some more time before I make any decisions."

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