Terps Land Ohio TE

Chardon (OH) tight end Andrew Gray committed to Maryland and his head coach Mitch Hewitt chimes in here...

Chardon (OH) tight end Andrew Gray committed to Maryland on Saturday night, becoming the fifth member of the 2014 class.

Gray's head coach at Chardon, Mitch Hewitt said Gray will give Maryland fans a lot to look forward to.

"Andrew is a kid who plays with a very nasty disposition," Hewitt said. "He is not a nice kid on the football field. He is a very nice kid off of it."

Gray might not be the flashiest tight end out there, but he is definitely a player you want on your side of the ball.

"I told the Maryland staff this is a kid who probably hasn't even shaved yet but when he steps on the field it's a brawl," Hewitt said. "He is just scratching his potential. You can find kids that want to catch the ball and want to run around but its hard to find kids who want to brawl."

The Chardon standout was on campus Thursday and he was blown away by the experience. While Gray left campus impressed with the Terps, he wanted to take some time to talk the decision over before pulling the trigger on his commitment.

"I think its good for anyone of those kids to step a way for a second," Hewitt said. "Its like the first time you walk into a jewelry store or a car dealer ship. Everything looks pretty and sound good, everything is bright and shiny, but sometimes with those decisions, especially one of that magnitude, you want to step away from all that. [You want to] get back home and talk with his family and that was the decision he came to today."

The Terps have been high on Gray's list since they offered him back in May and his recent trip to campus was the final piece of the puzzle.

"I think the trip up there this week kind of sealed the deal for him and his family," Hewitt. "He feels comfortable there and it's a decision he wanted to get out of the way before the season starts."

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