'Moore' Commits for Terps

Westwood (Austin, Tx.) offensive tackle Brendan Moore commits to Terps and he breaks down his decision here...

Austin (Texas) Westwood offensive tackle Brendan Moore hails from a family of elite athletes, both is mother and his aunt were collegiate volleyball players, his uncle played football and Colombia, his grandfather coaches football in Hawaii and played running back for a little team called…the Oregon Ducks. Today (June 25) the 6-foot-4, 270-pound Moore joined the rest of his relatives as a collegiate athlete when he verbally committed to the University of Maryland.

"It [Maryland] was my first offer and the coaches believed in me since day one," Moore said. "Their faith in meant a lot. But it was really the fact that they spent time really getting to know me as a person more then anything else."

It's ironic that athletics are such a big part of Moore's family because that is precisely how Maryland managed to pull the lineman away from 13 other programs. They treated him like family.

"The first time Coach Brattan talked to me he asked to speak to my mother and that meant so much to me. That was huge," Moore said. "It just showed me that they are a family oriented program. They are not looking at recruits like a piece of meat as lot of schools do."

"Since coach Edsall came to Maryland he brought with him a very outstanding moral compass and that is really what they are looking for in recruits ," Moore said. "The coaches, whether it was Coach Brattan, Stewart or Edsall, always stressed a lot to me they are recruiting character. All the coaches they are all men of character and when I visited I could tell not only from their words but their actions."

While the Terps were the first to offer, it was not until he did some research on the University that Maryland started to move to the top of Moore's list.

"After I looked them [Maryland] up I realized they had really high academic standards. They are moving an amazing conference in the Big Ten and Coach Brattan has put many many people in the NFL and he continues to be an amazing coach," Moore said. "Plus from an academic stand point its really hands down the best place to be. Maryland is right next to Baltimore and Washington D.C., the fourth and first most powerful cities in the nation and there are amazing internship opportunities ranging from Under Armour to Capital Hill."

Moore, who has a 3.6 GPA, was especially enamored with Maryland's top tier academics.

"In this recruiting process we were really looking at a hybrid of football and academics and I feel like Maryland is the perfect mix between the two," Moore said. "It has one of the top-ranked business schools in the nation and in athletics Maryland will entering the Big Ten, plus the talent they have returning with Stefon Diggs and all of those people. It is really amazing."

Despite being located in Texas, one of the country's biggest talent pools, Moore managed to fly under the radar until Maryland took notice. That is when the floodgates opened.

"Well I didn't really attend any tradition recruiting camps to get my name out there and that was really why Maryland was the first to offer because they did their due diligence and they recruited me as a person rather than relying on Nike Combines, rankings or ratings," Moore said. "When Coach Stewart came down he saw what kind of player I was and all the coaches got to know me as a person."

While Moore might have evaded the spotlight during the early stages of the recruiting process, it quickly caught up with him.y the time he made his decision on Tuesday, Moore had racked up an offer list with representatives from the SEC, ACC, Conference USA, Big Ten, Mountain West, and the list goes on. One of the major reasons Moore caused such a stir on the recruiting trail was his versitility. The Westwood lineman is projected to play either guard or center, but he could step in at tackle in a jam.

"I can honestly play anything on the offensive line," Moore said. "The coaches like that I have a streak where I can go after people as hard as possible and finish the blocks, pancake them and throw them in the dirt. But I also have that protective instinct that is key for a lineman."

Moore said there are several factors that separate him from most other lineman out there.

"I am much much faster than most offensive lineman especially for my size," Moore said. "I work harder and my football IQ is extremely high. My uncle has been teaching me to read defenses since I was 10 and my mother has been watching film with me since I was eight."

Moore and his mother made the trip out to College Park on June 20 and they spent two days checking out the campus and another three days in the area.

"We saw everything. We did the campus tour, we toured the stadium, the facilities, honors college, the business school…everything," Moore said. "We also had some interviews with some professors and academic advisors. And of course being an o-lineman we had to check out the places to eat."

After seeing everything in person there was no question left in Moore's mind and the school that offered him first, ended up being the last one standing.

Now that he has his college decision behind him, Moore has the weight of the world off of his shoulders.

"I just feel relieved. I finally made a decision and I am extremely happy with that decision. Now I just have to get bigger and stronger so I can play sooner," Moore said. "My mom is already looking into condos in Maryland and there is a direct flight from the local airport to BWI."

Moore also talked about when he could hop on that flight to make a return trip to his future school.

"I will probably wait until my official to visit again," Moore said. "But we do have good family friends in Silver Spring so its not out of the question."

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