Coach Speak: Tyler Burke

Coatesville (Pa.) 2014 middle linebacker Tyler Burke verbally committed to the Terps. Coatesville head coach, Matt Ortega chimes in on what to expect from the three-star standout.

Coatesville (Pa.) High middle linebacker Tyler Burke committed to Maryland back in June, but what exactly are the Terps getting with the three-star prospect?

Coatesville head coach Matt Ortega describes the 6-foot-4, 240-pound Burke as, "the kind of kid coaches dream about."

"He is great kid. He will be a three-year starter for us, he was a captain as a junior and he is really the quarterback of our defense," Ortega said. "He is just super athletic, and a strong, physical student of the game. He is the whole package."

Looking at Burke's resume, it is easy to recognize his ability, but Ortega said it's Burke's football IQ that really makes him special.

"I mean everyone knows he is big and strong, but the thing we know as his high school coaches is that his football IQ is very very high. He really understands the game and he watches a ton of film," Oretga said. "He spends more time than most watching film and studying the opponent week to week, even more than our QB's. I think that just shows you how much of a student of the game he is; he puts so much in to it."

Burke's dedication to his craft has made him a role model for young players.

"He is more of a leader by example. He is not a super vocal kid but he is someone who speaks by his actions. He comes to work everyday, and you always get the same thing out of him each day," Ortega said. "The best part about him though is when it's game time, when the lights come on between the lines... that light switch goes off. He is one of those kinds of kids."

"It is funny because he is a generally a nice kid, you would never think of how tough he is between the lines," Ortega said. "He just turns into a totally different person on the field. He plays with an edge, and he will go the extra mile when it comes to being physical."

Burke is slotted to come in as a middle linebacker, but at such a young age his body still has the potential to develop.

"I think because he is so athletic and has size already; you don't know what is going to happen. He is only 16, about to turn 17, so his body is going to change over the next two years when he continues to grow. When he turns 19 or 20, he could get up to between 280-290-pounds; so he has the potential to play a variety of positions."

Last year, Ortega said Coatesville ran a 4-2-5. This season Ortega plans to use a variety of defensive schemes, including the same 3-4 defense that Maryland runs.

"We are going to mix in some odd set stuff this year because of Tyler and some of our other lineman," Ortega said. "We will run a little bit of Maryland's 3-4 and just put Tyler in a lot of different situations. We will put him on the line, play him at linebacker, and even put him on the edge."

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