MEDIA DAY: Randy Edsall

COLLEGE PARK, MD--Maryland head coach Randy Edsall kicked off the Terps' media day with an opening press conference.

(Quotes courtesy of the Maryland Athletic Department)

COLLEGE PARK, MD--Quotes from Maryland head coach Randy Edsall's opening press conference

Opening Statement:
"I am glad to see everybody here. I am really anxious to get started later this evening to kick off the 2013 season. The guys came back in good shape. I thought we had a very productive summer in all aspects. We should be in good shape as we head out to practice today.

"We are good on the injury front. There are a couple guys that will be limited as we start practice, but they should be good here in the next couple days. I am looking forward to it."

On Brandon Ross' improvement:
"I think the big thing with Brandon is that he's just more experienced now. He's got playing time under his belt. He understands the offense better, knows blocking schemes better. I think it's the experience that he gained from a year ago and the added strength that he has through training that's going to help him tremendously as we go into this year."

On the competition between Brandon Ross and Albert Reid:
"Both of those guys, we have a tremendous amount of confidence in. They did a lot of work. You love Albert. Albert works his tail off, does everything that you ask him to do, tremendous competitor, tremendous pride, great leadership. It'll be interesting to watch those guys out there competing against each other and pushing each other."

On Stefon Diggs' improvement:
"Stefon is a special athlete. He has tremendous abilities and talent. The thing that separates him is that he's a tremendous competitor. He's a worker. He thinks that every time he touches the ball, he can take it the distance. The thing that I've seen out of Stefon is that he wants to get better with all the little things about playing the position. From a special teams standpoint, he's got the ability to make plays any time he touches the ball, and he just needs to do a better job making decisions as a punt returner… He's gotten bigger and stronger."

On Stefon Diggs' leadership role:
"We put him into a leadership position this summer and it's something that he's really embraced. I don't think he's ever been in that position before. That's kind of the next step for him, because you never worry about what he's going to do on the field, but now I think those leadership things are going to take him to another level."

On being the last year in the ACC:
"We're in the ACC this year and it's the schedule we have to play. Our focus and our attention isn't anything different than what it would have been from the two previous years. Our goal is to win our division, get to Charlotte and get to a BCS game. We're not focused on anything other than trying to prepare ourselves to give us the best opportunity to win. Anything that we do outside of that is a distraction and doesn't put us in a position to attain the goals we want to attain as a team. I don't worry about how other people are going to react. The fans are going to boo you regardless when you go on the road. That's only natural. As far as anything else goes, we're focused on playing to the best of our abilities. We have a chance to be a very good football team.

On the freshmen:
"I'm anxious to see the incoming guys. It's going to be how quickly do they learn, how quickly can they process and execute all of the things they're going to have thrown at them in a short period of time. There's a group of probably 10 of them we're going to take a long hard look at to see if any of them can make an impact from a special teams stand point this year, and then if they can do that, are there some special situations offensively or defensively that they could fulfill a role in that regard."

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